Tuesday, December 27, 2011

After denial comes acceptance.

As I was trying on cardigans at NY & Co yesterday morning, I came to the conclusion that I look like a mom.

I'm nearly 27.
I drive a mini-van.
I have 4 kids.

It was bound to happen eventually.

If any of y'all ever catch me sporting mom jeans, please just kill me.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

The Christmas Spirit

I have my radio station tuned to Christmas only music.

I have my cinnamon candles burning.

I've had my fair share of Christmas cookies and hot chocolate.

My lights are up on the house, my Christmas tree is set with ornaments on the top half of the tree only (the plastic, non-breakable ones on the bottom of the tree keep mysteriously disappearing...), and my decorations are up.

We've been teaching the kids about the Nativity story.

Heck - I've even wrapped some Christmas presents. But it wasn't until today, when I left Wal-Mart feeling like I had spent half of our paycheck on gimmicky stuff such as a Lightning McQueen Bubble Bath, Tinker Bell coloring kit, candy canes, and Pez dispensers that I really felt in the Christmas Spirit.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

happy fluff

In the words of my friend, Kyra, who shared this with me...

the best bit of happy fluff you'll see all day :)


Friday, December 2, 2011

me and my margarine

I'm completely off dairy while nursing since The Baby has a suspected cow's milk allergy.  Luckily we've done this all before with The Kindergartener when he was an extremely fussy baby...and toddler...and preschooler (not much has changed these days except for his dairy intake :P), so I have my old milk and butter substitution stand-bys.  It's always a cooking comfort to know that there's 100% dairy-free margarine out there.

It's also very disturbing to know there's 100% dairy-free margarine out there.

Kinda makes you think, doesn't it? ;)

ps-in case you were wondering, Blue Bonnet Light is my go-to dairy-free margarine

Wednesday, November 9, 2011


My Mom says she can tell a cold front is moving in because it gives her a headache.

I, too, have a sign the weather is about to change. Crazy children.

This week alone we've had nudity, screaming, jumping off couches, mud tracked through the house, cereal everywhere from the living room to the kids bedrooms, and an endless amount of dirty underwear.

This is actually a typical day in our household, but it has been magnified by 10, at least.

You know what I mean? Where your kids aren't doing anything our of the ordinary, they are just doing it bigger, louder, and crazier?

Yup, definitely blaming it on the weather.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

@#$#0%! butterfingers.

I've gained four pounds in well under a week.

The Halloween candy and I are not on speaking terms.

@#$#0%! butterfingers.

Since I'm guessin' I'm not the only one with this issue, I'm sharing a fabulous little tip sent to me by my cousin-in-law, Jamie.  She did this with her kids and their candy and I'm planning on doing it too.

Introducing the Halloween Candy Christmas Countdown...

Have your kids pick out 25 favorite pieces of their Halloween candy and make Christmas countdown chains with it.  Lay a long piece of saran wrap on the floor, place the candy in the middle, fold over each side and tie in between each piece with ribbon.  It's helpful to use a different color of ribbon for each kid so that they will know which ones is theirs.  Store the loot safely on a shelf until December 1st and then reveal!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Is it just me, or does it seem like because you are a mom it entitles complete strangers to ask you personal questions?

Usually I don't mind answering questions, I'm sort of an open book in that way. But there is one question that I seem to get asked a lot, especially lately, that just makes me feel a bit awkward.

"So, now that you have a boy and a girl, are you done?"

Why does it make me feel awkward?

It comes from complete strangers - like the sales rep at the car dealership, or the cashier at WalMart, or the waiter at a restaurant, or the annoyed patron at a store - and leaves me wondering how they expect me to respond. Sometimes they are truly curious and sometimes they are a bit demeaning in a she-can-barely-control-the-two-she-has-oh-please-don't-let-her-have-another sort of way.

I usually answer with "Oh depends on the day... we'll see." But I'm half tempted to answer with "Actually, my husband and I have a goal to have more kids than the Duggar family, so watch out!"

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

noun \ˈī-rə-nē also ˈī(-ə)r-nē\
plural -nies. 
: incongruity between the actual result of a sequence of events and the normal or expected result


Mothers everywhere embrace the bulge-hiding magic of the color black and it's ability to make the wearer look effortlessly chic instead of frumpy.

Black is the color that a baby's spit-up shows most prominently, instantaneously making one look like a frump.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Bring this to the dinner table.

As most of our readers know, Aubrey and I are both members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  Over many a Mormon dinner table, it's always a favorite topic of conversation to make up a list of whose-who of Mormons (it was always that pesky Steve Martin.  is he? isn't he? I'm gonna go with isn't).  I've long known that Brandon Flowers, lead singer of The Killers was raised as a Latter-day Saint, but I'd always assumed that, being in the business he's in, his religious roots had withered and gone the way of the world.

Turns out I was wrong.

So, next time the whose-who of Mormon conversation comes up, feel free to bring this one to the dinner table.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Really, folks? Really?

I was at Wal-mart today and the "as seen on TV!" section caught my eye (I have an almost-3 year old who insists she needs a pillow pet for her upcoming birthday).  To my horror, this little number was front and center.

Really, folks?  Really?  Has society really gotten to the point that zip-up adult jammies are this year's must-have Christmas item.  I thought the snuggie was bad enough, but do we really need "zippered hatches in front and back, for great escapes when duty calls?"

Heaven help us.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Husband Fashion Woes

The other day, my sister-in-law said how she needs to fix my dear brother-in-law's fashion taste... I think my BIL is a rather classy dresser (especially his business casual clothing) and compared to his brother, my husband, he is a REALLY nice dresser. Her comments made me wonder what she thinks of my fashion... which is a LOT better than it used to be thanks to fellow-blogger Whitney who convinced me that baggy jeans and t-shirts should not be my "dress-up" clothing, but I digress.

See, my husband has two big things going against him. 1. He's an engineer. 2. He's a COMPUTER engineer.

Over the years I've slowly talked him out of tucking-in his t-shirts, wearing cargo-pants, and buttoning the top button of his dress shirts. His hair is a whole other story, I like his hair longer, and by that I mean more than 1/2 inch, he likes it shorter, and by that I mean buzz-cut short. So, today when I watched him sleeking his hair back (because it's "too" long) with a combination of water and hair-wax I realized we still had a long way to go. I couldn't help myself...

"You look like you are trying to be a slick-Willy." I said.
"No I don't, slick-Willy's comb their hair straight back, I've parted mine." He said.
"Fine," I said, "you look like a nerdy-slick-Willy."

Sigh. I suppose that is why I love him though, because he's MY nerdy-slick-Willy-computer-engineer.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Way Back...

After hearing "Smooth" by Rob Thomas on the Way Back Wednesday radio show, I felt officially old.

For those of you who would like to reminisce with me, here's the video:

Anything making you feel old?

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Volcanic Flowers

One of my very favorite blogs of all time is The Meanest Mom.  Jena, the author, is seriously friggin' hilarious as she tells all about the ups and downs of raising children.  I highly recommend checking her out when y'all have a minute and need a giggle...or if you need to scare a teenager with a heavy does of birth control.  Anyway, I was catching up on her recent posts today and came across this gem.  It was just so sweet and unexpected that it made me smile.  Nothing like a little mid-afternoon reminder that there is goodness in the world.  Enjoy!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011


My kids thought it would be fun to dump their bath water on the bathroom floor.

After getting both kids out of the tub my youngest thought she would try to send herself to the ER by diving head-first back into the tub.

They are now running around naked, playing the piano, and dancing.

They have been saved, Daddy just walked in from work...

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Relax, just do it.

Guess what?!?  We just got another formspring question!  Gotta say...I love it when our readers give us questions.  Not only does it make finding a topic to write about easier, it makes me feel like we really are just all sittin' around gabbing with big steaming mugs of hot chocolate in front of us, like proper girlfriends should.  Anyway...enough with my Girls Night Out mini-fantasy, onto the question!

How do you handle nursing in front of your other children, are you secretive about it or relaxed?

As Frankie said on his way to Hollywood, "Relax, just do it." (Ok, so I know that's not the real lyric, but that's the version I've been singing in my head ever since I got this question), so, the short answer would be:

Oh so very, very, very relaxed.

Now here's the long answer:

If any of y'all have spent any number of minutes in my home, I'm sure you've witnessed the never-ending modesty battle as I insist that my hooligans "get some friggin' clothes on!"  It's become sort of a family...and neighborhood...and ward joke that the Lifferth chilluns just don't like clothing much.  The less, the better in their books.  Where, I've been asked time and again, do they get it from?  Well...let's just say the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.  No, I don't spend my days lounging about in the buff, but I've never been one to stress if my kids happen to catch a glimpse either.

So, I'm not much different when it comes to nursing.  I don't mind nursing in public as long as I can successfully hide the actual faucet.  Hence, I most certainly don't hesitate to nurse anytime, anywhere in my home.  I've always felt that nursing is a healthy, normal part of life and it can only help a kid to be exposed to it in day-to-day workings of the family.  It's my hope that if I act like nursing is nothing to be ashamed of then it won't weird-out my sons when their wives start spouting liquid nutrients and my daughters won't hesitate to give it a try as well.

Not to mention, who has time to go into a secluded alcove to nurse anyway when they have 3 other small children under-foot?  If I did that every time the baby was hungry I'd reemerge to find my house absolutely torn apart or...errr...more torn apart then it is already, anyway.

So, when you find yourself as a new mom of more-then-one, I encourage you to give open nursing a try.  You'll find out soon enough that your little one will treat it as what it really is...no big deal.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Potty Training...and all the loveliness that comes with it.

I've been dreading potty training ever since we decided it was time to have kids. However, my son is three years old and I finally decided it was time for the inevitable. So, I bought some Thomas underwear, a Lightning McQueen toilet seat, and told myself today was the day (or, ummm, last Tuesday was the day).

Two accidents later I thought twice about whether or not today was really the day. After some consideration I decided to hold off till the next day, it was a crazy-busy day for me and I was already stressed by the days activities.

Wednesday morning was a fresh new start. We talked about going pee-pee in the potty, how the Thomas underwear was special and for big boys, and how peeing on the floor made mommy sad. Three number one accidents and one number two accident later and I had reached my limit. And it was only 11am.

Back to diapers and a trip to the library. Obviously I needed to rethink my strategy, I mean my son was walking around calling his underwear his "Thomas diapers." I checked out books and videos, bought some "training pants" and introduced the vocabulary to my son.

Now, almost a week later he hasn't peed in the potty. I figure there are three things that have made it impossible:

1. It was my BIL's wedding reception this past weekend and we had everyone flying in for it, from brothers to 93 year-old grandfathers. With late nights, luncheons, and no naps, it was obviously not the best time to start potty training.
2. Language - I just assumed that my son would catch-on to the language just like that, obviously I need to introduce concepts like the difference between underwear and diapers before we proceed.
3. Me - I get frustrated quite easily and have found that while I can handle the screaming and crying and changing poopy diapers - I can NOT handle pee on the floor and changing nasty underwear. Oh - and I have NO clue what I am doing.

So, any suggestions? I am seriously at a complete loss and while I've tried reading books and doing such things as "naked-time" (which did not work, he just sat on the floor and cried for his pants), it's just not working. To all of you experienced potty-training Moms out there I send an S.O.S. What's the secret to successful potty training? Or better yet, how did you have the patience and sanity to get through it?

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

of things that matter most

Oh my heck, has it been my turn to post for nearly 2 weeks?! big oops!  The ridiculous thing is I've had this post in my head for at least that long, I've just had family in town and what-not and time passed me by.  Anyway...

My dad sent me this movie a while ago.  It was a great reminder during the everyday drudgery (and joy!) of raising hooligans.  It helped me remember just how wonderful the little souls I have in my care really are and made me want to try just a bit harder to see that in the day-to-day. It made me (all teary-eyed) remember where I've come from and whence I'm going.  As an added bonus, the cinematography is super-cool! Enjoy!

"We would do well to slow down a little, focus on the significant, lift up our eyes, and truly see the things that matter most."
~Dieter F. Uchtdorf

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Pointing Fingers

Two of the biggest news stories have come to my attention and as I have pondered on the issues at hand I have come to one conclusion. The problem with society today is no one is willing to take the blame. It is a sickening disease that is permeating everyone, young and old alike. The message is always the same: "Put the blame on someone else, you do not have to responsible for your own actions."

The first news story I would like to discuss is the horrible, tragic incident that happened in Norway. My heart goes out to the families affected by a madman. As I was listening to "The Take Away" on NPR I was shocked an appalled that the analysts, lawyers, and media are trying to blame Andres Behring Breivik's actions on anti-Muslim bloggers, writers, and groups. Let me make one thing clear: NOBODY made Andres Breivik take out a gun and shoot a group of unarmed, defenseless youth. He is sick-in-the-head and it makes me sick that our natural inclination is to find someone else to blame. The only person to blame here is Andres himself.

My second news story is that of the nation's deficit. As we get closer and closer to August 2nd, I get more worried. I'm sure you have all heard what is going on in Washington, D.C. by now. I only have one thing to say to Congress and it is the same thing my Dad used to say to me when I was a kid, "I don't care who started it, just end it or I will!" Well Republicans and Democrats here's the message of the American people: "We don't care who started it, but you better fix it or WE will!"

One last thought. I'm disgusted with the people of congress being more worried about their careers and trying to save their own butts. If I were in Congress I would stand up for what I knew what was right, even if that meant political suicide. I would rather go down in history as the person who stood-up against all opposition than part of the group that let the greatest nation the world has ever seen fall into chaos.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Jelly Belly

Hip Hip Horray for another formspring question!  Here goes nothing...

I've got belly jelly (4 BIG babies worth of it) how on earth do I climb in bed and feel good rockin' my belly jelly, and not just be acutely aware of it's jiggle the whole time?!?

Well...isn't that the question of the day?

When Aubrey and I received this inquiry, I quickly called dibs on the chance to answer since I feel this falls into my particular specialty...let's just say I have the jiggliest, wrinkliest jelly belly this side of the Mississippi.  It really, truly is ugh-worthy, I promise.  No matter what I do, I just can't seem to shake the jello (pun intended ;).  After 4 babies, each one stretching things out a bit more, I've finally come to accept the fact that the wrinkly skin and loose muscle just isn't going anywhere anytime soon.

So...what's a girl to do now?  I've learned to tolerate my ever-present tummy-folds but toleration doesn't exactly foster sexual prowess and confidence au naturel.  Of course, there's all the usual answers:
  • lingerie to cover up provocatively
  • role-playing to help a girl pretend to still be a toned young thing
  • denial in an attempt to ignore (la la la what jelly belly? la la la)
  • and, of course, plain ol' fashioned leaving the lights off

While all valid answers, they're really just a band-aid, aren't they?  They cover things up, not help them heal.  Well, just like with an owie that's being covered a bit too often and a bit too tightly, sometimes it's just better to rip the band-aid off in one quick painful pull.  Which means...[cue scary music]

  • leave the lingerie for the real special occasions (although, honestly, there's many a husband that will claim anytime he gets the rare summin' summin' post-baby is a special occasion)
  • enjoy being you, the mother of your beautiful children and your husband's wife, rather then imagining you're someone and somewhere else
  • not to mention, leave those darn lights on

In short...really, truly accept your body for what it is.  Heaven knows, I'm not claiming I've got this down, I can't even help cringing when I accidentally catch a glimpse of my one month postpartum belly in the mirror. I am, however, trying.  I'm attempting to believe my husband when he insists I'm gorgeous and oh-so-sexy.  I'm trying to view my stretch marks and wrinkles as battle scars in the war mommyhood wages on my body. And, five and a half years and four kids after I officially became a mom, I'm trying to love, not just tolerate or even accept, but love my body for the amazing things it's done and does everyday.  While it's still a bit of a struggle every time I climb into bed, I finally feel like I'm getting there.  I don't know if I can honestly claim I'm "rockin' my belly jelly" but I like to think one day maybe I will.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

In a rut...

It's 104 degrees today. It's been in the hundreds for quite a while. We are lucky to see it cool down to eighty degrees at night. And there's not much hope for a cool down anytime soon.

In other words, it's hot.

It's too hot to do my hair because I sweat while blow-drying and straightening and if I make it through all that the humidity makes it stick out in odd directions and cling to my neck.

It's too hot to take the kids to the playground, the slides literally burn them.

It's too hot to take them on our daily walks or go to the zoo.

It's too hot to do anything that requires physical exertion and that includes cleaning the house.

And it's definitely too hot to cook. I have plenty of recipes I want to try. All involve the stove, the oven, or both. Just the thought of standing over a boiling pot of water sends me packing up the family and eating out once again.

And so I'm in a rut. I don't want to clean, my hair gets pulled back in a pony tail every day, the library, splash pad, and pool have become old news, and I have no idea what to make for dinner.

Anyone have any cool, summer-time suggestions? Especially for dinners? Maybe a cool salad? Something that doesn't require too much energy both on my part and the part of my stove?

Saturday, June 25, 2011

I ♥ pencil skirts

I just discovered I own a pencil skirt that fits my big ol' newly-postpartum birthing hips.

all is right with the world.

Monday, June 20, 2011

brand new day

Today is a good day.

It might have something to do with the fact that the new baby is almost 2 weeks old and things are slowly getting back to normal.  The mere fact that I have something as mundane as Cleaning Bathrooms on my to-do list instead of just Nursing and Surviving proves it.  Whether or not I actually get to the aforementioned bathrooms is beside the point.

It also might be the little face laying in my arms.  There's something about a wrinkly forehead and pursed little lips that make the world seem fresh and new.

Not to mention after having rain off and on all last week, the sun is shining bright today and it finally feels like summer really, truly is here to stay.

I suppose the *cough*zoloft*cough* probably doesn't hurt much either.

So, when I heard Joshua Radin's Brand New Day on my Pandora playlist, I couldn't help but smile and sing along.

Here's to a brand new day for us all.

ps-here's a link to the official video.  I find it amusing and it's worth the watch, but it was the lyrics that make me so happy, hence the video I posted

Monday, June 13, 2011

In Honor of Father's Day

The past few days my husband has been dropping the following phrases randomly into conversations, or while watching TV, or at a quiet (ha, when is it ever truly quiet in our house?) dinner:

"I'mma firin' my laser!"

"I'mma chargin' my laser!"

Don't ask.

Really, don't ask.

My point is that it is a little idiosyncrasy that makes him more lovable. I think he keeps doing it because it earns a laugh, as well as a "you're so weird" look.

So, let's hear it. What do your husbands do that the rest of the world might find a little strange but you find endearing? (And don't tell me my husband is the only weird one, because then I'll know you're all liars).

Friday, June 3, 2011

stop snickering, part II

So...remember this is post forever ago?  Well, turns out I actually ended up MIA and couldn't end up going to the activity and presenting on fashion and dressing for your body type.  boo! to that!  Instead I got to drive for for.ev.er. in the car to southern Idaho for a funeral.  double boo!  Anyway, despite my lack of presentation, I'm still gonna give y'all a little summin' summin' about dressing your bodies.  These are the different websites I found most helpful in my research and (as an added bonus) they'll answer a good chunk of the questions that y'all asked in the previous post's comment section:

This one was my favorite link.  It does a lot to describe what types of styles work with different body shapes. I particularly like the sidebar feature describing different types of clothing for different shapes.  The quiz is great too.

This was helpful for figuring out body types using measurements.

A friend of mine directed me to this blog and I love it.  Not only is the fashion advice fabulous, but if you click on the fruit/body shape on the sidebar, it'll lead you to all sorts of great shape-specific advice.  She's also a member of the Church, so the stuff is modest.  I love how she emphasizes (and re-emphasizes) that one is never supposed to accessorize their fullest assets (so if you're hippy, then low-slung belts are death, etc).

One last note:  I cannot emphasize enough how important fit is.  If the clothing is too bulky and baggy, then the wearer ends up looking over-sized themselves.  On the other hand, if clothing is too tight, not only does the wearer end up looking a bit skanky, but they often end up looking bigger then they are as every bump and ripple is showing (eww).  It's a common misunderstanding in the church that fitted = immodest.  So not true.  Just make sure you hit a nice balance in fit and don't end up with something too tight.  Just remember, Girls, fit is everything.

Sorry, I know it's not in-depth as you might've hoped for.  I didn't have a chance to delve as deeply into the subject as I would've preferred myself since I headed out of town instead of presenting.  Hopefully the links provided answers at least a few of your style and body type questions! Feel free to drop me a comment if you want a more personalized answer for any of your style questions :)

Tuesday, May 31, 2011


It seems we have abandoned you, I know. We have not, it's just BOTH of our lives have become extremely busy at the same time! Who knew?

We will be back in full swing soon, I promise. Until then, anyone read anything funny lately? I keep reading incredibly depressing books (like Tess of the D-Urbervilles) and would love something happy and uplifting.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

My Daughter Hates Me

She is screaming at the top of her lungs. Like bloody-murder screaming.

And has been for the past 30 minutes.

Nothing I do is helping. I've tried feeding her, giving her milk, holding/cuddling her, everything.

She is just flat out mad at me. If she could talk I'm sure I would be hearing choruses of "I HATE you mommy" coming from her room. Which is where she is right now, because I can't take it anymore.

She has driven me to eat TWO chocolate fudge Pop-Tarts. She's only a year-and-half, I wonder what this means for the upcoming toddler stage? (Probably means I need to increase my exercise or I am seriously going to gain 50 pounds in the next couple of years).

Monday, May 16, 2011

My New Mantra

I went to Time Our for Women this past weekend (a conference specifically geared toward LDS women). I won't go on and on about how much I loved it. I want to share one quote that just stuck with me. I think it sums up the conference and should really be every woman's new motto. In fact, I might get crafty and make a plaque or something so I can read it every day.

The quote goes like this:
"You are who you are, you might as well enjoy it." ~Marjorie Hinckley

My new goal? To enjoy being ME!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Movies Anyone?

So, my husband and I watch an inordinate amount of movies. It's just what we do. Often by the end of the day we are too exhausted to come up with anything more creative than put the kids down and crash in front of the TV. I also happened to marry into a movie-crazy family. Not even kidding... one brother-in-law is like a movie genius, we all fight to have him on our team while playing Scene-it, another BIL works in Hollywood, and all of them seem to have an uncanny knack of memorizing lines from movies (even if said movie was only watched once).

We've actually watched some really good movies recently (like within the past year, just don't want you to think we watch THAT many movies). I thought I would suggest some of our favorites, as the summer approaches and movie season starts but we are all too cheap to go the actual theaters, that you can get on DVD.

Family movies (okay, we don't actually watch these with our kids because they are still a little young, but we would be willing to watch them again as the kids get older).
Dragon Hunters - a little intense for the younger audience and slower paced, it was still really fun to watch and absolutely beautiful. Definite recommendation if you like foreign films. If not stick with Dragon Trainer, one of my husbands favorites.
Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium - it's about a magical toy store, what's not to love?
Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian - I like it much better than The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.
Bandslam - we thought it was going to be a High School Musical wannabe, totally was NOT! Really great storyline, good character development, and way more depth than the trailers lead you to believe. We laughed, we cried, we loved it.
The Spy Next Door - completely cheesy, but we happen to be big Jackie Chan fans and it would be a fun one for the kids too.

Good girl-time movies (I watched these by myself, mainly while folding laundry, which has to be the most boring chore ever).
Bright Star - based on the three-year romance of John Keats and Fanny Brawne, it'll make you cry.
My Girlfriend's Boyfriend - super cute movie with a little twist at the end I was totally not expecting and it takes place in Salt Lake City (for all of you Utah people out there).
I'm Reed Fish - I still don't know how I feel about this one... let's just say it was interesting.
Leap Year - if you haven't seen this movie yet, go watch it. Right now.

Chick Flicks to watch as a date:
Notting Hill - yes my husband actually watched this one with me and it was his idea (I had actually never seen this one) and he loved it. You just can't go wrong with Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant.
500 Days of Summer - not your typical chick flick, which is why I think my husband liked it so much and I just love weird movies like this.
Penelope - another one that if you have not seen you must go watch, right now. Not only did we both love it, but it sends such a good message that I will make my teenagers watch this whether they want to or not.
Date Night - okay, not really a chick flick and probably shouldn't recommend it to just anyone, but seriously, we are just at that point in our lives where we were laughing because it is so true (although there were a few awkward scenes/jokes in the movie, just warning you).

Movies your Man will definitely watch:
Stone of Destiny - about a group of young college students who decide to steal the stone of Destiny (a symbol of Scotland) from under the Crowning throne in England in the 1950's. Brush up on your history a bit and then watch this movie.
Traitor - an action movie about terrorists.
Taken - finally, no talking bad-guy scene, yay! (Not recommended if you don't like violence).
Outsourced - jobs are outsourced to India (in fact, I believe there is a new NBC series based on the same thing), sorry not much of an explanation, we jut really liked it.
Unstoppable - we liked it enough that my husband wants to buy it.

Those are some of my random suggestions. I could go on, but for sake of time (and not wanting to completely admit to how many movies I actually watch) I will stop for now. Let me know if you have any suggestions.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

stop snickering

I have a question for y'all.

(well, aren't we needy? Here we are, a full 13 days after our last post, asking for, yet again, advice. It's just Me Me Me all over the place.)

So, I have to give a 15 minute presentation on "dressing in a flattering way for your body type" (and just clothing concerns in general) for an upcoming Relief Society activity for my church next week (stop snickering you old high school friends of mine.  I flatter myself that I've come a long way since then...or at least I have everyone fooled into thinking I have). I have some ideas floating around in my head, but I'd really like y'all's input.  What are some of the issues you have with dressing your bodies?  Do you know what body shape/type you are or would you want me to provide a quiz or something to help you identify it?  Any other questions, concerns, etc?

Help, please!!!

Ok, let's sweeten the deal a bit, shall we?  You help me and I promise to post a general review of the 15 minute discussion after the big event.  Now isn't that tantalizing...

Friday, April 15, 2011


Anyone know how to get crayon/pen off the wall?

What about chocolate pudding stains out of clothing?

I know! Anyone want to trade kids for a day or two. I'll watch yours if you watch mine if it means I can have ONE day where I enjoy a clean house...

Monday, April 4, 2011

Hit me again, Joe.

So, I'm Mormon.  It's a well-known facts that Mormons don't drink alcohol.  Nope, not even a little bit.

I'll be honest, though.  There's many a day when I wouldn't kick a big ol' tumbler of something intoxicating out of bed for eating crackers.  Days when the destroying angels...errr...kids are acting up and tearing the house apart.  Days when I'm exhausted and unmotivated and the kitchen floor sticks to my socks*.  Days when all I really want to do is to (please, please, oh pretty please) take the edge off.

What's a sober girl to do?

I turn to my dirty little secret: s.u.g.a.r.  I loooove me some candy.  I'm especially fond of the straight-sugar types (nerds, sprees, smarties, gummy bears, etc.) to get me right to the sugary goodness point.  If I'm feeling particularly picked on, like during one of the 6-potty accidents type of days, I might steal one of my husbands forgotten mini-snickers (the man can resist the siren call of candy like no one else and I can't quite ignore the guilt enough to just straight-up steal 'em right off the bat).

So, next time you see me with a shot glass of full of jelly beans in front of me mid-afternoon when the rest of the world is indulging in a much-anticipated happy hour, you'll know why (although, more realistically, it'll be hidden behind some book or other so I can enjoy it without the miniature mob joining in).  In fact, you're more then welcome to join me and we'll get a little sugar-happy together.

Until then, hit me again, Joe.  This one needs to be hard, on the rocks, straight up, and any other unfamiliar alcohol slang one can think of.

Your turn...what's your secret mid-afternoon "I can't take these hellions anymore" indulgence?

*little known fact:  I actually hate wearing socks around the house.  So...the floor would then be gross enough to stick to my feet, which is even more extraordinarily disgusting.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Let's have a chat, shall we?

One thing you may not know about me:

I adore talking about names.

It's a huge passion of mine, one I'll explore in great depths for vast amounts of time if given the chance.  I don't have to be pregnant or really even know anyone who is, I'll talk your ear off regardless.  There's actually a name for crazies like me: a name enthusiast.  Now that I am currently (all too) heavy with child, it's tottering between a healthy level of infatuation and an unhealthy obsession.  When I was stuck in the house with my fellow-name-enthusiasts sister and mother during a blizzard this winter (gotta love that northern Indiana snow), we seriously talked about baby names for three days straight with only this book to keep us going (which is, hands down, my very favorite baby name book ever). 

Anyway, the point is, I love taking baby names...but, unfortunately, my husband does not. at all.  So, that's where you come in, dear readers.  I do so want to hear all about the names you love or abhor or the ones that left you just plain confused.  I especially want to hear about names that you adore but are unable to use for one reason or another (stubborn husband, anyone?).  Those are the ones people are often most passionate about.  I also want to know your naming style.  I promise you that you have one, you just might have to think about it for a bit.  Anyway, help a poor name conversation-deprived pregnant girl out, won't you.

I'll show you mine if you show me yours...

First off, I have a somewhat of a vintage, yet recognizable naming style.  This is obvious by my three oh-so-lovely offspring.  My son, Ezra Emil, and my two daughters, Georgia Marie and Scarlett Caroline.  *sigh*  I do so love their names.  As is obvious, their names are definitely on the older side of things (or, as some might imply, the dusty/moldy/old people side of things :P), but I love them regardless.

As for names I love: Be warned, these names are only the tip of the iceberg.  I could go on and on in this one category.  Anyway, for girls, I love Cecilia, Delia, Tallulah (my husband staunchly refuses to even consider that one), Vera, Lucy, and Virginia (fear of high school teasing combined with the already-used state name rules that one out)...and Cherry.  I know, I know, that last one is a little out there, but I've loved it since the first time I read The Outsiders in 8th grade English class. Boys are a harder for me as I'm just pickier with them for some reason.  Regardless, for boys, I adore the names Theron (hubby insists it sounds too girly...an issue he has with a good chunk of the names I like), Archer, Emmett, Bennett, Forrest, and Gideon.

abhor: Mostly, I hate any names that are obviously kre8tiv.  They're like a really awkward teenager who is just trying too darn hard to be unique and mysterious.  gag.  I also am not a fan of names that hit their peak in the mid-80s.  I guess I just don't get why people would name their child something that they (the parent) heard 50 million times all through grade school.  So...you name your daughter Brittany or son Jason and I might raise my eyebrows a bit.  That's totally just me, though. (although, I suppose I did use the middle name Marie for my eldest daughter.  In defense, I plead the Family Name excuse.)

confused by:   Here's a good example for y'all...I know someone who knows someone who will be naming their next daughter Kimarie.  yep, that would be a completely made up name and not a particularly attractive one at that.  Is that petty of me to say?  c'est la vie.  I just don't get it.  I have full respect for different naming styles.  I promise do.  I realize some people are all nature-y, some love meaning-based names, etc...but I just don't get a completely made-up name.  According to my source, this name is the combination of 2 different names which, frankly, just kind of makes me roll my eyes.  Refer back to previous intentionally mysterious teenager comment.

Well, it's nearly eleven and I still need to wind down before I can go to sleep (blogging makes my brain wake up, for some reason...although the frozen cookie dough probably didn't help much either), so it's time for me to bid y'all adieu.

Don't forget to comment! (or else this post was, frankly, a little pointless)

ps-in case you haven't yet discovered it, this is one of my very favorite websites on the planet.  I swear if naming had a nirvana, this would be it.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Power of the Vacuum

Remember how my son has a hearing loss? Well, it wasn't till recently that he could hear the vacuum, at least not well. Now whenever he hears it, it terrifies him.

So, when he was trying to sneak into the cookies today in the kitchen after I told him not to and he had already had TWO, I quickly plugged in the vacuum.

I really did need to vacuum the rug in the living room... the fact that it sent him running for cover in his bedroom and therefore leaving the cookies behind was just a bonus.


Monday, March 7, 2011

Marriage and Kids

Because this blog nailed it on the head for me, I couldn't NOT share it.

Click here: Marriage with Toddlers

It's a little lengthy but well worth the read. Especially if you are like me and wondering what happened to your marriage after kids...

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Technology and Teachers

Long story short, it has recently come to my attention that texting, Facebooking, tweeting, and other such social networking is being used as a means of communication between teachers and students.

I happen to disagree with this method. In fact, I'm quite surprised how strongly I feel about this. Three short years ago I remember being in school and explaining to my professors (mainly the Grad students) that they could contact me by email, but I did not text. You can imagine the horror upon their faces that I would refuse to text.

I especially disagree with this method concerning high school students. If you have something to say to my high school student you can do so by calling the family phone, emailing them through a school account, or the traditional send-a-letter home. There is a certain professionalism that needs to be held between students and teachers.

You are the teacher, a symbol of authority and a mentor to young minds. You are not their best friend. There is no need to be friends with them on Facebook, text them messages concerning homework assignments, or let them follow your Tweets of what you are eating for dinner. In fact, I as a mother, would not believe my child if they said that a teacher had Tweeted no homework for the evening and you can better believe that I will not let my child give out their personal cell phone numbers, that is assuming I let them have a cell phone.

I don't know how many states have laws or policies concerning things like this but I can tell from news stories and comments from friends who are now professors/teachers that this is becoming a valid problem . Am I turning into a stick-in-the-mud? Maybe, but I really believe the teacher-student relationship is one relationship that should not be relaxed due to technology.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

not my finest moment

I grew up in a very...how shall I say?...safe house.  Despite having five kids in a ten year span, we didn't break any bones, never jumped from any windows, rarely got cavities, didn't roughhouse really all that often, and most definitely, certainly never broke any windows.

(my husband likes to call us minivan people.  the brat.)

That's why, when I saw my first window broken today, I was absolutely shocked.  I never imagined that a window pane was really so thin, so fragile...so, well, breakable.

You know what's even more shocking?

I broke it.



and I.

with my hand, no less.

It had been a rough day.  In frustration I banned my two eldest to the great outdoors.  My five year old drama king insisted that it was too muddy and cold to play.  I told him he had a coat on and would survive a half hour in the backyard and locked the door 'cause I'm mean like that.  After which, he proceeded to ring the back doorbell incessantly for 3 minutes straight (which, as any mother knows, is actually a really long time).  Losing interest, he then decided to entertain himself poking his younger sister with a stick.  So...I knocked on the window to let him know his misdeeds were not going unnoticed.  He ignored me.  I hit the window a little harder.  He looked at me and then continued to ignored me.

Then, unfortunately, I hit the pane a lot harder.

ok, ok...one might say I banged on the window.

and it broke.

I stared at him, he stared at me, and we both stared at the window.

It was not my finest moment.

please tell me I'm not the only one who has done something this stupid.

Thursday, February 10, 2011


This morning, I sneezed and peed my pants.
(not tons, but still...)

Pretty sure I'm officially Very Pregnant.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Valentine's Day

Q: What do you do for your man for Valentines day?? I need some serious suggestions.

A: First, I must confess I've always loved Valentine's Day. Even when I was single, I loved the possibility of a secret admirer and I loved both giving and receiving cards. Have I ever mentioned how I'm a HUGE card-girl? It's right up there with flowers in my book, in fact, it often trumps flowers. Then I found that special someone and we got married and suddenly Valentine's Day lost it's charm for me. My husband never made a huge deal out of Valentine's Day, often forgetting about it completely and I felt like I was "selling-out" to the card companies by celebrating Valentine's Day. Besides, I wanted the good gifts on our special day - our anniversary. We are coming up on our 5th year anniversary and I suddenly realized, I love Valentine's Day and my husband better get me a card or make me dinner or something! So, I informed him of this, how Valentine's Day is important to me (really, every holiday is important to me) and how I wanted to celebrate love. He smiled (he thinks it's cute how I get excited about even the smallest of holidays) and I found that once again I'm excited about Valentine's Day.

With that confession off my chest, here are my ideas:

First, I like to keep it small and personal. A little reminder to my husband how much I appreciate and love him. I save the big stuff for birthdays and anniversaries.

1. A card. A well-picked out card can set the mood, express your desires and thoughts, and can be kept as a constant reminder. Whether it be funny, sexy, or out-right sappy, in my mind you can do now wrong with a card (homemade or bought).
2. Dinner - Make his favorite meal or better yet, order-in. Put the kids down a wee-bit early, pick up food from your favorite restaurant, light some candles, turn down the lights and enjoy a quiet dinner together.
3. A letter - I know a couple who writes letters to each other every Valentine's Day. Cute, sincere, and you can start a little journal out of the letters for future posterity.
4. Sporting event - does your spouse like basketball? hockey? A babysitter, a couple of tickets and you're out on a hot date doing something he loves. A little pinched for money? No problem, put the kids down, pull up two chairs in front of the TV, pop some popcorn, make some hot dogs and pretend you're at the game.
5. Fondue night - chocolate, strawberries, marshmallows, candle light - need I say more?
6. Lipstick on the mirror - leave him a note in bright red lipstick for him to read first thing in the morning.
7. Get a babysitter and go out for dessert.
8. Reenact your first Valentine's Day together.
9. Think of what your husband likes to do - play video games, watch sports, play board games, eat food, and then do it with him. Just as long you're doing it together.
10. Last, but not least - buy some sexy lingerie and let him "unwrap" you... after all, we all know what our husbands really want... ;)

My tips: keep it simple, try to make it as personal as possible, do something he loves, and throw your own style into the mix.

Let's hear it. What fun things are you planning for your sweetheart this Valentine's Day?

Thursday, January 27, 2011


Have you ever been the victim of impatient huffs or evil stares? How about rude comments? Rude service? Or maybe not rude service, but just plain impatient service?

And it's all because of the little jewels in your crown, your children. Join the club.

To be honest, I'm kind of getting tired of it. I understand if my kids are acting up and you don't want to hear it, but neither do I. Besides, Wal-Mart is a public place and families are bound to be there, shopping together. If you would prefer to shop when there are no kids around then go at 10pm when we are all home, with our children tucked into bed.

My husband and I like to go out to eat. It's our treat to ourselves and there are some days I really don't feel like cooking. We always pick "family-friendly" restaurants, it's not like we are going to the cute Italian bistro that doesn't have a kids menu let alone a high-chair.

Just last week I decided to take my son out on a lunch-date. Just me and him and some good food. I wanted to change it up a bit and decided on Applebee's. My son didn't care as long as he could have french fries. We arrived at 11:45am. They seated us in an area that had TWO other tables with patrons, everywhere else was empty. I immediately distracted my son with the provided coloring page and skimmed through the menu. I AM aware that I have a two-year old with me and that I am at a sit-down restaurant so I must be prepared to order when the waitress comes to ask for our drinks. I also have snacks in the diaper bag to hold him over till the food arrives. I watched the waitress wipe down two empty tables that didn't really need wiping, ask the other patrons if they needed anything else, flirt with (whom I am assuming was) the shift manager, and make eye-contact with me twice and then intentionally look away. After fifteen minutes I quietly packed up my stuff, told my son that we had to leave, but not to worry we would go somewhere else with french fries, and walked out of the restaurant. Five minutes later we were seated at Chik-fil-a, while the nice employees brought our tray out to us and we enjoyed a nice hot meal. During our stay there they asked if we needed refills, if they could throw my trash away, and if I needed anything else. And I didn't have to TIP them.

This isn't the first time something like this has happened to me nor do I think it will be the last. It's a form of discrimination and I don't like it. I could go on, but for the sake of not turning nasty, I will stop here.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Suggestions, anyone?

I'm at my wits end.

My son has decided it's funny to run away from me. In the store. In the parking lot. Into the middle of the street. It often happens when I am preoccupied with his sister. All it takes is one split-second of diverted attention and he's off. He's a fast little sucker too.

I've tried everything: yelling, time-out, take toys away, take his lovie away, and even resulted to a quick swat on the rear in particularly dangerous situations (no, I do not spank my children as a general rule). Nothing works. It's often hard to do anything about it since it happens 90% of the time with his little sister. I can only do so much when I'm holding another baby in my arms.

He loves to run, he loves to be chased, and he really truly thinks it's a game. I have no idea how I'm supposed to reason with a two year old.

And so I'm coming to you, our readers. Any suggestions? Anyone experience the same thing? I'm desperate.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Have you seen this?

...'cause it's friggin' hilarious.  While not all BYU co-eds are like those portrayed, it's still funny and uncannily accurate (and I say that will all the love in my "went to the Y, married 19, baby at 20" heart). Enjoy!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

My Little Peeping Tom

This afternoon, I sent my 5 year old three houses down to drop off an item to the neighbors for me. I always worry a little when he runs errands of this distance, but I console myself with the knowledge that we live on a quiet street, I know everyone between here and there, and he's a smart little boy who knows to avoid cars and stay on the grass.

After he returned triumphantly from his long trek, I asked him how it went. He responded,

"It took them a long time to answer the door. I had to knock about 13 times. Between the 11th and 12th time, though, someone came to the door. I was gonna look in the window to see if any moms were home, but when I tried there were some papers in the way."

Knocking a dozen times and peering through windows, huh? I'm beginning to think maybe I should worry more for the neighbors' sake and not so much for my son's...

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Shakin' My Groove Thing

I've discovered the Holy Grail of exercise classes.

It's music, dancing, aerobic, and quite the workout.

It's Zumba. (Yes, I realize I'm a little late jumping on the bandwagon, but better late than never, right?)

Seriously the most fun I have ever had working out. I wasn't even that good at it. In fact I am that person that is off-beat, off-count, and looks like I have no rhythm. But the point is that I loved it.

I've determined that if this does not get rid of my pregnant-looking belly then I don't know what will.

If you love dancing, miss the thrill of being sexy, and are dying for a fun way to get your body back then I totally recommend Zumba.

And really, I looked and felt like a dork. It took me completely out of my element but I was enjoying myself.

Click here for a video.