Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Pointing Fingers

Two of the biggest news stories have come to my attention and as I have pondered on the issues at hand I have come to one conclusion. The problem with society today is no one is willing to take the blame. It is a sickening disease that is permeating everyone, young and old alike. The message is always the same: "Put the blame on someone else, you do not have to responsible for your own actions."

The first news story I would like to discuss is the horrible, tragic incident that happened in Norway. My heart goes out to the families affected by a madman. As I was listening to "The Take Away" on NPR I was shocked an appalled that the analysts, lawyers, and media are trying to blame Andres Behring Breivik's actions on anti-Muslim bloggers, writers, and groups. Let me make one thing clear: NOBODY made Andres Breivik take out a gun and shoot a group of unarmed, defenseless youth. He is sick-in-the-head and it makes me sick that our natural inclination is to find someone else to blame. The only person to blame here is Andres himself.

My second news story is that of the nation's deficit. As we get closer and closer to August 2nd, I get more worried. I'm sure you have all heard what is going on in Washington, D.C. by now. I only have one thing to say to Congress and it is the same thing my Dad used to say to me when I was a kid, "I don't care who started it, just end it or I will!" Well Republicans and Democrats here's the message of the American people: "We don't care who started it, but you better fix it or WE will!"

One last thought. I'm disgusted with the people of congress being more worried about their careers and trying to save their own butts. If I were in Congress I would stand up for what I knew what was right, even if that meant political suicide. I would rather go down in history as the person who stood-up against all opposition than part of the group that let the greatest nation the world has ever seen fall into chaos.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Jelly Belly

Hip Hip Horray for another formspring question!  Here goes nothing...

I've got belly jelly (4 BIG babies worth of it) how on earth do I climb in bed and feel good rockin' my belly jelly, and not just be acutely aware of it's jiggle the whole time?!?

Well...isn't that the question of the day?

When Aubrey and I received this inquiry, I quickly called dibs on the chance to answer since I feel this falls into my particular specialty...let's just say I have the jiggliest, wrinkliest jelly belly this side of the Mississippi.  It really, truly is ugh-worthy, I promise.  No matter what I do, I just can't seem to shake the jello (pun intended ;).  After 4 babies, each one stretching things out a bit more, I've finally come to accept the fact that the wrinkly skin and loose muscle just isn't going anywhere anytime soon.

So...what's a girl to do now?  I've learned to tolerate my ever-present tummy-folds but toleration doesn't exactly foster sexual prowess and confidence au naturel.  Of course, there's all the usual answers:
  • lingerie to cover up provocatively
  • role-playing to help a girl pretend to still be a toned young thing
  • denial in an attempt to ignore (la la la what jelly belly? la la la)
  • and, of course, plain ol' fashioned leaving the lights off

While all valid answers, they're really just a band-aid, aren't they?  They cover things up, not help them heal.  Well, just like with an owie that's being covered a bit too often and a bit too tightly, sometimes it's just better to rip the band-aid off in one quick painful pull.  Which means...[cue scary music]

  • leave the lingerie for the real special occasions (although, honestly, there's many a husband that will claim anytime he gets the rare summin' summin' post-baby is a special occasion)
  • enjoy being you, the mother of your beautiful children and your husband's wife, rather then imagining you're someone and somewhere else
  • not to mention, leave those darn lights on

In short...really, truly accept your body for what it is.  Heaven knows, I'm not claiming I've got this down, I can't even help cringing when I accidentally catch a glimpse of my one month postpartum belly in the mirror. I am, however, trying.  I'm attempting to believe my husband when he insists I'm gorgeous and oh-so-sexy.  I'm trying to view my stretch marks and wrinkles as battle scars in the war mommyhood wages on my body. And, five and a half years and four kids after I officially became a mom, I'm trying to love, not just tolerate or even accept, but love my body for the amazing things it's done and does everyday.  While it's still a bit of a struggle every time I climb into bed, I finally feel like I'm getting there.  I don't know if I can honestly claim I'm "rockin' my belly jelly" but I like to think one day maybe I will.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

In a rut...

It's 104 degrees today. It's been in the hundreds for quite a while. We are lucky to see it cool down to eighty degrees at night. And there's not much hope for a cool down anytime soon.

In other words, it's hot.

It's too hot to do my hair because I sweat while blow-drying and straightening and if I make it through all that the humidity makes it stick out in odd directions and cling to my neck.

It's too hot to take the kids to the playground, the slides literally burn them.

It's too hot to take them on our daily walks or go to the zoo.

It's too hot to do anything that requires physical exertion and that includes cleaning the house.

And it's definitely too hot to cook. I have plenty of recipes I want to try. All involve the stove, the oven, or both. Just the thought of standing over a boiling pot of water sends me packing up the family and eating out once again.

And so I'm in a rut. I don't want to clean, my hair gets pulled back in a pony tail every day, the library, splash pad, and pool have become old news, and I have no idea what to make for dinner.

Anyone have any cool, summer-time suggestions? Especially for dinners? Maybe a cool salad? Something that doesn't require too much energy both on my part and the part of my stove?