Monday, August 22, 2011

Potty Training...and all the loveliness that comes with it.

I've been dreading potty training ever since we decided it was time to have kids. However, my son is three years old and I finally decided it was time for the inevitable. So, I bought some Thomas underwear, a Lightning McQueen toilet seat, and told myself today was the day (or, ummm, last Tuesday was the day).

Two accidents later I thought twice about whether or not today was really the day. After some consideration I decided to hold off till the next day, it was a crazy-busy day for me and I was already stressed by the days activities.

Wednesday morning was a fresh new start. We talked about going pee-pee in the potty, how the Thomas underwear was special and for big boys, and how peeing on the floor made mommy sad. Three number one accidents and one number two accident later and I had reached my limit. And it was only 11am.

Back to diapers and a trip to the library. Obviously I needed to rethink my strategy, I mean my son was walking around calling his underwear his "Thomas diapers." I checked out books and videos, bought some "training pants" and introduced the vocabulary to my son.

Now, almost a week later he hasn't peed in the potty. I figure there are three things that have made it impossible:

1. It was my BIL's wedding reception this past weekend and we had everyone flying in for it, from brothers to 93 year-old grandfathers. With late nights, luncheons, and no naps, it was obviously not the best time to start potty training.
2. Language - I just assumed that my son would catch-on to the language just like that, obviously I need to introduce concepts like the difference between underwear and diapers before we proceed.
3. Me - I get frustrated quite easily and have found that while I can handle the screaming and crying and changing poopy diapers - I can NOT handle pee on the floor and changing nasty underwear. Oh - and I have NO clue what I am doing.

So, any suggestions? I am seriously at a complete loss and while I've tried reading books and doing such things as "naked-time" (which did not work, he just sat on the floor and cried for his pants), it's just not working. To all of you experienced potty-training Moms out there I send an S.O.S. What's the secret to successful potty training? Or better yet, how did you have the patience and sanity to get through it?


  1. oh my goodness. I'm starting my 3rd boy on the potty tomorrow. I'm so nervous. My first child (a boy) was a disaster. He simply didn't care until he was a month away from being 4. The only reason he cared then was because I decided to introduce potty training (for the 2nd time) to my second boy who was almost 3. The competition to do what Caleb was doing is what finally kicked it in to Logan's brain. My advice? And the advice my cousin (the mother of 6 boys and 1 girl) gave me-- wait until he's interested and ready. He'll let you know. It's not worth the fight, the tears (for both of you) and the frustration. When I finally got the boys potty trained, it was easy, smooth, and permanent. I'm hoping my 3rd boy will be different. He's such a different child. Another thing-- once you pray about it and really feel like it's time, clear your schedule for a week at least. Ask someone to watch your other child for the first day or two. Don't switch between underwear and diapers/pull-ups it confuses them totally. (believe me, I know) Good luck. You are not a bad mom. Every child has their own timetable for this.

  2. my only advice ( two boys down and 1 girl to go) is to teach them to pee outside...(at least for the boys) for some odd reason it is so much fun to drop your pants and go outside! so much fun, you are willing to hustle your 3 year old little buns past two toilets to race to the back door and pee outside. I warn you this can lead to some awkward moments in front of grandparents, but it usually does the trick until they understand the feeling of having to "go". Once they get the feeling down, you can introduce the toilet. Good luck... and I promise they will not be wearing diapers in high school, at some point they will want to use a toilet like everyone else. :)

  3. I'm pretty sure I've given you all my advice a million times not much to add there.

    I will say this though:

    boo! to potty-training! No matter how ready/laid-back/competent the kid, it's always going to suck.

    Give it some time. My rule of thumb is to give things a week to catch on before I go shaking things up too much. No matter how ready the kid is, it's still going to take time.

    We understand. Every mother since the dawn of time has been through this with the kid. I promise that it'll happen. Come hell or high-water, Little Man will eventually get the hang of it. Hang in there.