Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Sacrifice that is Motherhood

I was conversing with a friend a couple of weeks ago who asked me how Motherhood was going. I told her "Great. It is well worth the sacrifice." My friend said, "See, I wouldn't think it is a sacrifice. At least not for me - I know you wanted to have a career but I want to stay home." Later I realized my friend mistakenly assumed I was speaking only of my career and the monetary sacrifice. If I had been a little sharper at the time I would have told her what I really meant:

1. First, there is pregnancy. There goes your hormones, sanity, and body.
2. Then your mind goes - I literally forgot to finish a take-home portion of an exam once.
3. After you have the baby you foolishly think your body will be back to normal. HAHAHAHA!
4. Forget dates with your husband, doing anything past 8pm (cuz you'll be exhausted), or leaving the house by yourself for longer than 2 hours if you are nursing.
5. And speaking of leaving the house it now takes 10 times as long to get out the door even though it is just one child.
6. Sex is pretty much nonexistent for at least a little bit.
7. Going to the bathroom by yourself - especially when they become mobile - is a thing of the past. My son's latest thing is to come in and put his head on my knee while I'm trying to complete my business.
8. Showers - ummm, yes, I think I remember those. Even if you do get one in you take it so fast that halfway through the day you can't remember if you've taken a shower that day or not. And is that really bad dandruff or did I just forget to rinse my hair out?
9. Then there is the whole "baby proof your house" which will really never be baby proof because babies are smart little creatures who figure things out way too fast for your own good.
10. And the reason why I wasn't able to respond to my friend at the time was because I was completely exhausted and was sneaking in some computer time while he blessedly took a nap.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A Very Funny Guy

I'll start off by saying I kinda lean left.

However, I adore this very red, right-leaning political comedian. Frankly, he's friggin' hilarious. If I can say that, then I know a lot of our readers, whether Republican or not, will find him very funny too. And so, ladies and gentlemen, I present to you, Mr. Steven Crowder...

ps-these are a couple of his more neutral videos, go to youtube to see the rest.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

It's called RESPECT

Some people call me naive, others old-fashioned. There is also self-righteous and the dreaded anti-feminist. Why? Because I believe sexual relations should only be practiced between a man and woman who are married. To each other. Not only do I believe it but I have practiced it. Both my husband and I practiced abstinence until we were married. The white gown I wore on my wedding day really did mean something. I also believe that a husband and wife's first obligations are to their family. If this means the woman stays home with the kids while the husband earns the bacon then I am in full support of it.

Recently I have been bombarded with lesser values in TV shows, movies, and books. It has me disgusted to see the degeneration of womanhood in today's media. Yes that's right. The sexual "freedom" that is displayed in the media, the push for sexual "equality" with lawsuits, the acceptance of pornography as a social norm, the elitism against motherhood, all of this and more are leading to the downfall of womanhood. Some people scoff at my argument saying that women like myself are undoing all that our ancestors have done for us. Is that so?

Then how come my husband worships the ground I walk on? I have chosen to do something that many women and men are terrified of - I have chosen to stay home with my child every single day, doing house work, being a mother and wife. How come I have the esteem of every male and female relation whether they be mere acquaintance or more intimate? Many of my peers enjoyed working with me on assignments because I did not make them uncomfortable with my latest one-night-stand stories. Many of the males I have worked with admit to being intimidated.

The first feminist movement was to gain equality in society. The latest feminist movements have been undoing what other women worked so hard to gain. So to all those who think I am old-fashioned, anti-feminist, or what other names you may come up with I only have one thing to say: It's called RESPECT!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

For the record

...yes, it was an April Fool's joke. Now we can all relax.




Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The Church's 1st Feminist Ward!

I had a friend email this blog link to me (thanks Brandielle!) and I thought it was pretty interesting. It’s from Feminist Mormon Housewives. Remember it has been approved by church authority so there’s nothing anti-doctrine about it. I'd love to hear y'all's opinions...

Announcing: SLC Feminist First Ward

By: Artemis - April 1, 2009

As you are aware, in the last couple of weeks, fmhLisa has been in Salt Lake. What we couldn’t tell you at the time–but are very excited to tell you now– is that Lisa was holding top-level talks with Church leadership in an attempt to get permission to form a new, Feminist First Ward in Salt Lake City. We are delighted to announce its formation.

We have agreed to abide by all Church government rules pertaining to male priesthood leadership, to use current and approved lesson manuals for Primary, Relief Society, and Sunday School, and to use the current Young Women and Young Men’s lesson manuals but with some adaptations (which, we have agreed, are to come only from church-approved sources).

We are very grateful for this opportunity to form our own ward of loyal, faithful feminist and feminist-leaning Mormons. However, because this is a first for the church, we want to caution anyone who wants to attend that “going off the beaten track” too much will not be allowed. That is, while we have (for example) no rules pertaining to dress (dressy casual is welcome, including pants for women), we have (for example) no plans to agitate for a female priesthood.

Derek has graciously accepted the calling of Bishop, with his counsellors TBA. Janet will serve as Relief Society President; mfranti as Young Women’s President; Artemis as Primary President; and Ziff as Sunday School president; all counsellors TBA. Other callings TBA.

We have been given a surprising amount of leeway in making this ward work for us. In addition to the traditional callings, with Priesthood consultation, and under Derek’s leadership and advice, we have come up with the following: Ward LGBT Outreach Coordinator, Interfaith Concert Series Chairperson, Environmental Stewardship Counselor, and Community Garden Development Committee. (That will be a big one. Artemis has agreed to let us use her garden as a Community Garden space, but she can’t do all the upkeep herself. If you’ve got a green thumb, please consider volunteering your time!)

We believe that confirmation through prayer to find the right person for the right calling is important. However, we also believe that people are very much aware of their own limitations and abilities, and so if there is a calling that suits you, please speak up. The appropriate people will then pray for confirmation to see if it’s right.

This ward will function more-or-less along the lines of what is considered normal. However we are instituting a few important changes, with the blessing and support of leadership:

1. Young Men and Young Women activities will function differently. Every week, there will be two different activities, one physical and one of a homemaking or service nature. The youth are free to attend either or both depending on their interests.

2. All service-oriented chores - moving, shovelling snow, bringing meals, etc. - are to be shared equally between men and women both, with sign-up sheets for all circulated in both Priesthood and Relief Society meetings.

3. Visiting and Home Teaching will be combined, with all messages to come from the same source.

4. Enrichment meetings will be open to both men and women, and will cover a wide range of topics from Book Club to culinary arts to home/vehicle maintenance to crafts. All adults will be given the opportunity to share their talents to enrichen our lives.

5. Because we admire the Protestant tradition of donuts and coffee after meetings, we will host weekly pot-luck lunches after services. These will be traditional pot-lucks, not the Mormon variety; while everyone is expected to bring a plate (unless financial or physical circumstances make it difficult) there will be no assigning of dishes. The ward will be providing herbal teas.

We know that there are a number of people who participate here who are interested in conservation and in alternative economic forms. To that extent, we will be heavily encouraging a bartering system. This will not be a formal part of the church; however, in conjunction with our weekly pot-luck, we will be encouraging members to bring eggs, garden produce, clothes, oddments, etc. to place on a communal “free for all” table. We are trying to come up with a paper-free way of coordinating the exchange of services so that goods can be exchanged for services and vice-versa; any ideas are welcome.

6. At least for a little while, the Genesis Group has agreed to come on-board as Music Supervisors. Let’s face it, the traditional music and choirs can be a bit boring, so we’re really excited that Church leadership has agreed to let us form a traditional gospel choir! (Can I get an AMEN!) If you have any musical talents at all, please consider joining up. There is also some interest in forming a Hildegarde von Bingen special musical number group.

7. The Mother’s Room - You will all be glad to know that we are going to have a proper Mother’s Room! We’ve been trawling local DI’s looking for couches and chairs and we’ve got enough to make a really comfortable space. While you will of course be allowed to nurse in the Chapel, our Mother’s Room will have great artwork with a feminist theme (Minercha Teichardt prints - kindly donated by Janet; and a poster of Judith and the Head of Holofernes - kindly donated by Quimby). While the couches and chairs are comfortable, they don’t exactly match; if you’ve got good sewing or decorating skills we’d love your help pulling this room together. We’re also looking for a microwave, if anyone’s got a spare. (There’s one in the kitchen of the meetinghouse but we’d love to have a seperate one for the Mother’s Room.) We are looking to establish a Father’s Room with similar amenities.

Crazywomancreek has generously agreed to donate a loaf of bread every week for Sacrament. She is not a member, so this represents a considerable donation on her part for which we are very grateful. Her bread alone is reason for anyone to attend! Not to mention it will be organic whole wheat. And, we’re still awaiting approval for this next one, but we hope (fingers crossed) to be able to serve it with non-alcoholic wine. (Technically it shouldn’t be a problem since you can technically use anything for Sacrament; but it’s a bit dicey, so we’ll see.)

We hope there’s a lot of interest in this new ward and really look forward to hearing and implementing your ideas!