Wednesday, September 7, 2011


My kids thought it would be fun to dump their bath water on the bathroom floor.

After getting both kids out of the tub my youngest thought she would try to send herself to the ER by diving head-first back into the tub.

They are now running around naked, playing the piano, and dancing.

They have been saved, Daddy just walked in from work...


  1. Can't tell you how many times Daddy has come in to save my kids! I know exactly where you are and have been there many times.. this is why I didn't cry one tear when I sent my oldest to Kindergarten yesterday... and neither did he! Wahoo!

  2. Let's just say I know the feeling. Poor spence walks into a baby shoved in his arms and a "deal with them" more often then he ever walks into a smiling, pulled-together wife :P

  3. Our little girl did that a couple weeks ago. Luckily my husband was already home when it happened. I took her out of the bath, let her run around naked while we cleaned the bathroom- and a moment later heard her saying something about cleaning her poop up. Yep, she'd gone in her room and pooped on the floor. Awesome.