Thursday, July 7, 2011

In a rut...

It's 104 degrees today. It's been in the hundreds for quite a while. We are lucky to see it cool down to eighty degrees at night. And there's not much hope for a cool down anytime soon.

In other words, it's hot.

It's too hot to do my hair because I sweat while blow-drying and straightening and if I make it through all that the humidity makes it stick out in odd directions and cling to my neck.

It's too hot to take the kids to the playground, the slides literally burn them.

It's too hot to take them on our daily walks or go to the zoo.

It's too hot to do anything that requires physical exertion and that includes cleaning the house.

And it's definitely too hot to cook. I have plenty of recipes I want to try. All involve the stove, the oven, or both. Just the thought of standing over a boiling pot of water sends me packing up the family and eating out once again.

And so I'm in a rut. I don't want to clean, my hair gets pulled back in a pony tail every day, the library, splash pad, and pool have become old news, and I have no idea what to make for dinner.

Anyone have any cool, summer-time suggestions? Especially for dinners? Maybe a cool salad? Something that doesn't require too much energy both on my part and the part of my stove?


  1. We've had the same issues only not as bad as 104... we have had cold cut sandwiches, cheese quesodillas on the skillet and lots of breakfast, cereal, pancakes, waffles, french toast, yes those last three are cooked but skillets and waffle makers don't heat up the house like the oven or stove. And we have doubled our intake of fruits and veggies: berries, peaches, watermelon are all in season and I eat a green salad every day.. nice a cold! plus i have been making berry smoothies: frozen berries, vanilla yogurt and orange juice... it is great.. plus i have been making the kids home made Popsicles out V-8 fusion... 100% fruit and veggie juice! Good luck!

  2. Put something in your crock pot and plug it in on your back porch.

  3. I know you didn't ask for hair tips, but it's been hot out in CA too (not nearly as hot, but as we are sans air conditioner, it seems like we're being broiled alive) and I've found this lovely site called and it's given me a load of ideas on what to do with my wet hair that isn't a plain jane pony tail.

    As far as quick dinners: grill, grill, grill. I love tin foil dinners, pizzas on the grill, basically anything that involves little prep, little clean up and a grill.

  4. Hmmm...I don't have really new suggestions. Definitely ditto on the grilling and breakfast foods. We're also fans of tacos and that type of produce-filled foods. Taco salad is good too. Basically anything (like Catherine said) that involves a skillet since that's way less hot then boiling and ovens.

    Steph's here...she says that you can get pre-cooked meat at the store, so you could use that pretty easily for a lot of foods w/only warming them up.

    Speaking of hair, I got my bangs cut straight across my forehead the first day I was in Oklahoma and proceeded to sweat like a dog under my forehead rug for the rest of the trip :P

    As for entertaining the kids, Steph suggests hosting a playgroup at your house or inviting a kid or two over to entertain your kids for you ;). I second the suggestion.