Wednesday, February 23, 2011

not my finest moment

I grew up in a shall I say? house.  Despite having five kids in a ten year span, we didn't break any bones, never jumped from any windows, rarely got cavities, didn't roughhouse really all that often, and most definitely, certainly never broke any windows.

(my husband likes to call us minivan people.  the brat.)

That's why, when I saw my first window broken today, I was absolutely shocked.  I never imagined that a window pane was really so thin, so, well, breakable.

You know what's even more shocking?

I broke it.



and I.

with my hand, no less.

It had been a rough day.  In frustration I banned my two eldest to the great outdoors.  My five year old drama king insisted that it was too muddy and cold to play.  I told him he had a coat on and would survive a half hour in the backyard and locked the door 'cause I'm mean like that.  After which, he proceeded to ring the back doorbell incessantly for 3 minutes straight (which, as any mother knows, is actually a really long time).  Losing interest, he then decided to entertain himself poking his younger sister with a stick.  So...I knocked on the window to let him know his misdeeds were not going unnoticed.  He ignored me.  I hit the window a little harder.  He looked at me and then continued to ignored me.

Then, unfortunately, I hit the pane a lot harder.

ok, might say I banged on the window.

and it broke.

I stared at him, he stared at me, and we both stared at the window.

It was not my finest moment.

please tell me I'm not the only one who has done something this stupid.


  1. Um, yeah, I do stuff like that all the time. Like the other day when I couldn't get a small paint roller to come free of the dried up sponge it was left next to in a glass jar, left over from when we painted the tv room. So, what did the smart mom do? She took the glass jar out to the back cement patio, while the toddler looked on, and banged it as hard as I could on the ground until the glass shattered.... all over my feet. Brilliant. Or when I told E tonight that she'd better eat her beans fast or they'd jump out of her mouth and then she proceeded to make all her beans "jump" out.

  2. oh my goodness! I'm sorry!! I'm sure you're laughing at it already, you're just that good! Hopefully he just won't remember it :o)

  3. it's called being pregnant and raising children! believe it or not, I think you may have got your point across. Now you can say, "remember when mommy broke the window? that wasn't very nice was it? Well that's how mommy feels right now when you and your sisters don't get along. Like breaking a window! I don't ever want to break a window again because that made mommy sad! So please play nice with your sister."
    I'm telling you Whit, they will remember, plus it will be a good story to tell when they are older. Remember when mom broke the window? lol

  4. I'm feeling rather saintly right now and can't recall anything I've done... although I am POSITIVE I have been in similar situations. Really, who makes a window pane that thin anyway? Or maybe it is your strong muscles from lifting kids all day, I always knew you were a haus. ;)
    P.S. I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one who locks doors...

  5. one of my best friends here, actually broke the window pane with her 18month old daughters head! her little girl was standing in the window and not listening to her, and when she pushed her daughters head against it to point her eyes in the correct direction, the glass shattered, I would much rather break it with my hand!

  6. We have a leaky faucet in our bath tub. I have now broken the bearings behind it (trying to turn off the leak) at least 5 separate times. Me. Not my 6'5" husband. Fixing it involves removing tiles. Every time I am surprised that my lack of patience and obviously hulk-like strength has the ability to break something.

    Now you'll just have more patience when your kids hit a ball through that exact window 3 years from now.

  7. When I get angry and stressed I tend to throw things usually not breakable things, but things that make big messes, and then I have to think about what I've done while I clean it up. I think the worst time was when I threw Maiya's wet pull-up against the wall, and the 'stuff' inside blew up and exploded EVERYWHERE!!!! I am hoping that that cured me of the habit, because that was disgusting... I still find little diaper bits every once in awhile.
    Oh! And I have broken 2 of my phones, by throwing them. See! I think I make breaking windows look like a good thing. ;)

  8. That was the best story ever. Marshall and I just laughed. I am sure spencer was the one laughing when all was said and done. Only because something like that has probably happened around his house at some point.

  9. Dont worry for the window pane. Well. First let You two friends be appreciated for the spirit of continuing friendship though miles apart. Now about your ' Not my finest moment ' : A lively narration, introspect at the same time in lighter vein . Some consider broken glass in other way. Not at all. But a good indication, Spiritually speaking. It is an indication that ones Insider seeking Free. But the glass may be little harder here. Thanking You and with Best Wishes.

  10. Oh this cracked me up! Too many days like that at my house! Though, I've never broken a window--yet. Janae