Friday, December 2, 2011

me and my margarine

I'm completely off dairy while nursing since The Baby has a suspected cow's milk allergy.  Luckily we've done this all before with The Kindergartener when he was an extremely fussy baby...and toddler...and preschooler (not much has changed these days except for his dairy intake :P), so I have my old milk and butter substitution stand-bys.  It's always a cooking comfort to know that there's 100% dairy-free margarine out there.

It's also very disturbing to know there's 100% dairy-free margarine out there.

Kinda makes you think, doesn't it? ;)

ps-in case you were wondering, Blue Bonnet Light is my go-to dairy-free margarine


  1. Hee, hee...I agree. Things that make you go hmmm--and a little bit of "ick". That being said, I'm glad there is a substitute so you don't have to make sooo many food sacrifices. :)

  2. uggh...I love me some real butta...

    However, thank heavens there are such things for you! I am so thankful that wasn't a thing I had to go through-although it might have been a good way to help me drop the poundage,hmmm...

  3. AUGH! My nightmare right now. Baby G has a suspected dairy allergy and I'm HORRIBLE at doing the no dairy. I can only do the obvious milk, yogurt, cheese, ice cream. Other than that, we both have to deal with itchy skin.