Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Relax, just do it.

Guess what?!?  We just got another formspring question!  Gotta say...I love it when our readers give us questions.  Not only does it make finding a topic to write about easier, it makes me feel like we really are just all sittin' around gabbing with big steaming mugs of hot chocolate in front of us, like proper girlfriends should.  Anyway...enough with my Girls Night Out mini-fantasy, onto the question!

How do you handle nursing in front of your other children, are you secretive about it or relaxed?

As Frankie said on his way to Hollywood, "Relax, just do it." (Ok, so I know that's not the real lyric, but that's the version I've been singing in my head ever since I got this question), so, the short answer would be:

Oh so very, very, very relaxed.

Now here's the long answer:

If any of y'all have spent any number of minutes in my home, I'm sure you've witnessed the never-ending modesty battle as I insist that my hooligans "get some friggin' clothes on!"  It's become sort of a family...and neighborhood...and ward joke that the Lifferth chilluns just don't like clothing much.  The less, the better in their books.  Where, I've been asked time and again, do they get it from?  Well...let's just say the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.  No, I don't spend my days lounging about in the buff, but I've never been one to stress if my kids happen to catch a glimpse either.

So, I'm not much different when it comes to nursing.  I don't mind nursing in public as long as I can successfully hide the actual faucet.  Hence, I most certainly don't hesitate to nurse anytime, anywhere in my home.  I've always felt that nursing is a healthy, normal part of life and it can only help a kid to be exposed to it in day-to-day workings of the family.  It's my hope that if I act like nursing is nothing to be ashamed of then it won't weird-out my sons when their wives start spouting liquid nutrients and my daughters won't hesitate to give it a try as well.

Not to mention, who has time to go into a secluded alcove to nurse anyway when they have 3 other small children under-foot?  If I did that every time the baby was hungry I'd reemerge to find my house absolutely torn apart or...errr...more torn apart then it is already, anyway.

So, when you find yourself as a new mom of more-then-one, I encourage you to give open nursing a try.  You'll find out soon enough that your little one will treat it as what it really is...no big deal.


  1. My daughter didn't really ask much about nursing my baby until just recently... and he is 15 months old! In my own home, I'm like you, I nurse wherever I want. It's how I feed my babies. I do use a nursing cover though when we go anywhere and sometimes at home if I wanted a bit more privacy in the middle of the living room mess, but I agree that it's natural and kids will ask questions but hey, they've got to learn sometime and where better than in their own home.

  2. Yeah, I try not to flash the boys on purpose, but they know mommy is feeding the baby milk from her chest. I have even caught them trying to nurse their toy animals... Its part of life, and I didn't want them to think it was bad!

  3. You are too funny, and well...spot on. Maybe I've come from a family that has little to hide, but that's just how I view nursing. If you make it all taboo and uncomfortable that's how your other kids are going to start viewing it. It's natural and there is nothing to be uncomfortable about. I do agree, however to try and keep the flashing to a minimum when out in public and mixed company. Really though, I am NOT about hunkering down in some small space in public just to pacify some small-minded individuals who I will never see again nor care about their opinions. As for the house, I'm about live and let live and just hope that the kids figure it's just a natural way of feeding baby.

  4. I am not really one to hide while nursing either. I've even been known to nurse while at the dinner table, I gotta get food sometime! I am, however, a bit nervous for the next time coming up...nursing two babies? I don't think there is anyway possible to do so modestly! I'm thinking I might just have to stay home for a year or so after they are born :) I'm sure that I will learn more the closer they get to arriving, and for sure after they are here, but I have definitely wondered how it is going to work out!