Wednesday, November 9, 2011


My Mom says she can tell a cold front is moving in because it gives her a headache.

I, too, have a sign the weather is about to change. Crazy children.

This week alone we've had nudity, screaming, jumping off couches, mud tracked through the house, cereal everywhere from the living room to the kids bedrooms, and an endless amount of dirty underwear.

This is actually a typical day in our household, but it has been magnified by 10, at least.

You know what I mean? Where your kids aren't doing anything our of the ordinary, they are just doing it bigger, louder, and crazier?

Yup, definitely blaming it on the weather.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

@#$#0%! butterfingers.

I've gained four pounds in well under a week.

The Halloween candy and I are not on speaking terms.

@#$#0%! butterfingers.

Since I'm guessin' I'm not the only one with this issue, I'm sharing a fabulous little tip sent to me by my cousin-in-law, Jamie.  She did this with her kids and their candy and I'm planning on doing it too.

Introducing the Halloween Candy Christmas Countdown...

Have your kids pick out 25 favorite pieces of their Halloween candy and make Christmas countdown chains with it.  Lay a long piece of saran wrap on the floor, place the candy in the middle, fold over each side and tie in between each piece with ribbon.  It's helpful to use a different color of ribbon for each kid so that they will know which ones is theirs.  Store the loot safely on a shelf until December 1st and then reveal!