Saturday, June 25, 2011

I ♥ pencil skirts

I just discovered I own a pencil skirt that fits my big ol' newly-postpartum birthing hips.

all is right with the world.

Monday, June 20, 2011

brand new day

Today is a good day.

It might have something to do with the fact that the new baby is almost 2 weeks old and things are slowly getting back to normal.  The mere fact that I have something as mundane as Cleaning Bathrooms on my to-do list instead of just Nursing and Surviving proves it.  Whether or not I actually get to the aforementioned bathrooms is beside the point.

It also might be the little face laying in my arms.  There's something about a wrinkly forehead and pursed little lips that make the world seem fresh and new.

Not to mention after having rain off and on all last week, the sun is shining bright today and it finally feels like summer really, truly is here to stay.

I suppose the *cough*zoloft*cough* probably doesn't hurt much either.

So, when I heard Joshua Radin's Brand New Day on my Pandora playlist, I couldn't help but smile and sing along.

Here's to a brand new day for us all.

ps-here's a link to the official video.  I find it amusing and it's worth the watch, but it was the lyrics that make me so happy, hence the video I posted

Monday, June 13, 2011

In Honor of Father's Day

The past few days my husband has been dropping the following phrases randomly into conversations, or while watching TV, or at a quiet (ha, when is it ever truly quiet in our house?) dinner:

"I'mma firin' my laser!"

"I'mma chargin' my laser!"

Don't ask.

Really, don't ask.

My point is that it is a little idiosyncrasy that makes him more lovable. I think he keeps doing it because it earns a laugh, as well as a "you're so weird" look.

So, let's hear it. What do your husbands do that the rest of the world might find a little strange but you find endearing? (And don't tell me my husband is the only weird one, because then I'll know you're all liars).

Friday, June 3, 2011

stop snickering, part II

So...remember this is post forever ago?  Well, turns out I actually ended up MIA and couldn't end up going to the activity and presenting on fashion and dressing for your body type.  boo! to that!  Instead I got to drive for in the car to southern Idaho for a funeral.  double boo!  Anyway, despite my lack of presentation, I'm still gonna give y'all a little summin' summin' about dressing your bodies.  These are the different websites I found most helpful in my research and (as an added bonus) they'll answer a good chunk of the questions that y'all asked in the previous post's comment section:
This one was my favorite link.  It does a lot to describe what types of styles work with different body shapes. I particularly like the sidebar feature describing different types of clothing for different shapes.  The quiz is great too.
This was helpful for figuring out body types using measurements.
A friend of mine directed me to this blog and I love it.  Not only is the fashion advice fabulous, but if you click on the fruit/body shape on the sidebar, it'll lead you to all sorts of great shape-specific advice.  She's also a member of the Church, so the stuff is modest.  I love how she emphasizes (and re-emphasizes) that one is never supposed to accessorize their fullest assets (so if you're hippy, then low-slung belts are death, etc).

One last note:  I cannot emphasize enough how important fit is.  If the clothing is too bulky and baggy, then the wearer ends up looking over-sized themselves.  On the other hand, if clothing is too tight, not only does the wearer end up looking a bit skanky, but they often end up looking bigger then they are as every bump and ripple is showing (eww).  It's a common misunderstanding in the church that fitted = immodest.  So not true.  Just make sure you hit a nice balance in fit and don't end up with something too tight.  Just remember, Girls, fit is everything.

Sorry, I know it's not in-depth as you might've hoped for.  I didn't have a chance to delve as deeply into the subject as I would've preferred myself since I headed out of town instead of presenting.  Hopefully the links provided answers at least a few of your style and body type questions! Feel free to drop me a comment if you want a more personalized answer for any of your style questions :)