Friday, April 15, 2011


Anyone know how to get crayon/pen off the wall?

What about chocolate pudding stains out of clothing?

I know! Anyone want to trade kids for a day or two. I'll watch yours if you watch mine if it means I can have ONE day where I enjoy a clean house...


  1. toothpaste (scrubbed with a toothbrush) gets crayon off the wall. And aerosol hairspray gets pen off pretty well, but I did have a little bit of paint come off onto my towel with it, but not enough to notice. Good Luck! I hate that us moms have to know this kind of stuff!

  2. USA Advantage. I have been able to get set blackberry stains out of my toddlers clothes. and it cleans the pretty paintings off the wall too.

  3. Magic erasure by Mr. Clean ( just buy stock now... it will be worth it in the future) will get pen and crayon off the wall. and as for chocolate pudding, put full concentrate of liquid detergent on it and scrub and wash, then pull it out and if you see in any left, put more on it and scrub and wash again, don't dry it until you get it out! good luck!

  4. Don't forget to wet and ring out the Mr. Clean magic eraser first though... And I use a cold water soak and scrub, then either dawn dish detergent, or Shout stain remover for pudding!!! I've also heard, but never actually tried, the use of powdered detergent, mixed with water to make a paste applied to the stain and left to soak for a while can draw out the stain...

    Good luck!

  5. good suggestions...also how do you get permanent marker out of clothes?

  6. magic eraser is a lifesaver for walls and counters (as you've already been told :)

    I'm a huuuge fan of oxy-clean sprays and powder (for making a clothes soak). I'll also do Coty's and Catherine's scrub and dish soap method too (just make sure if you use any kind of it's not lotiony/moisturizing).

    Good luck, Sweetie!

    Oh, and to anonymous w/the permanent marker...I haven't a clue. I've tried and tried and never been successful. boo!

    ps-If I was closer, I'd trade kids w/ya any day :)

  7. Oooh, I'd trade kids! :) But, you have to take them ALL!!!