Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Summer is beginning and I'm ecstatic.  I haven't been this excited about summer since I was in school.  For me it was just another day with the kids, except it was too hot to go to the park.

But this year - something about this year just has me excited.  Maybe it's because I no longer have to take my son to preschool and umpteen million appointments, maybe it's the exciting trip I have planned, or that my sister is moving-in with us, or that my SIL has agreed to hang-out with me so I can do trips to the pool with both kids and not worry about one of them drowning (I swear my kids have a suicide mission when we go to pools).

Or maybe it's because my kids are entering that fun stage of imagination and exploration and I think of all the exciting summers I had as a kid exploring the world around me and I just get excited for them. I have come up with a list of things to do with the kids, like parks, swim lessons, museums, eating watermelon, and watching movies.  But I was wondering... what fun things do you have planned for your kids this summer?  How do you keep them entertained when the excitement starts to wear off after the first few weeks (or days...)?