Monday, October 11, 2010

Too sexy!

To run with Whitney's theme in the past couple of posts, I wanted to bring up sexiness. One of the things I miss the most is that feeling of being sexy. Remember what it was like to be at the store with your girlfriends picking up something as mundane as milk, but knowing you look hot doing it and that the group of guys who are getting eggs have stopped to look at you and your girlfriends?

Yeah, I barely remember myself. I now go to the store hoping I don't find snot on my butt (isn't it lovely when your toddler is just at that right height to wipe his nose on your bum?), smelling like spit-up, and feeling grody from all of the slobber, stickiness, and food that has been wiped on me throughout the day. I'm lucky to look half-way decent let alone sexy!

But then I get in my car. See, there is something special about being behind the wheel of a car. The power, the speed, the radio blaring. The fact that you are going just fast enough so that people see there is a cute girl behind the wheel, but not that she has pee on her shirt (oh, and if I roll my windows down it makes my hair look "wind-teased"). Stopping at a light and a cute guy pulls up next to you smiles and nods and you realize - he hasn't seen the kids in the backseat! I'm just a random twenty-five year old girl who, yes, will drag-race you to the next light. (Did I mention I have a bit of a lead foot?)

Ah yes, the car is the one place, that no matter what, I can feel sexy. What really makes me feel sexy is my husband. He loves to let me drive and whenever I pick him up from work he can't help but comment "You look sexy" and then give me light kisses on my neck.

So, tell me, are there times you feel sexy?


  1. Funny, I was just thinking about this today. I don't feel sexy right now. Sad, I know...I mean, I can feel kinda sexy when the lights are off and I can imagine I'm lean and lithe and fabulous, but then the waggle of a low hanging breast or a too quick turn making a roll wiggle(sorry if TMI) pops me back into the present reality of my roly-poly post baby body that hasn't seen sexy for...well...since at least 4 years. I WANT to feel sexy. I'm working to get the weight off and my butt toned by walking and watching what I'm eating, but I'm just not feeling it. Rest assured my husband finds me sexy, at least he tells me often, but I'm not feeling it. I'll have glimpses every now and then, but how does one get their sexy back? I know there are tons of girls out there who never lose it, but alas, that's not, anyone want to gimme some advice???

  2. ...until you have a mini-van, that is. :P

    I'll write more in a bit.

  3. Thankfully, my husband finds me sexy, I don't have to try too hard. As far as when I actually feel sexy, well that's totally different. I think when you're confident it exudes sexiness. That's something that I struggle with a considerable bit. I really don't think it has anything to do with weight (ahem...Lib), or your outfit (but a great one can help ;), or how many years you went to school-but if you walk around thinking "confident", I think people take note and that, my dear, is indeed sexy.

  4. Like Steph talked about, I feel most sexy when I'm completely comfortable in my own skin. Sometimes that dressed to the nines and I know I look pretty darn good...sometimes that's in an old t-shirt and a pair of jeans. When I'm comfortable with my body, I feel sexy. When I'm fighting it (like cursing at my hair, my skin, my waistline), I turn all self-conscious and awkward...hence, not sexy.