Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Because of where my oldest's preschool is located, there's a good chunk of very well-to-do families that send their kids there. You know what I've discovered?...

Money doesn't buy cute kids.


  1. hahahahaha, that's funny. There's a kid around the corner from us who is just a scrawny little guy, but his mom always has him dressed in super nice clothes. It's kind of funny. Your kids are, of course, way cuter than anyone else's at Ez's school! :D

  2. You're too funny... and a little vindictive (is that the word I want?). Nope, I think it's honest, how many of us have thoughts like that - I'm guilty of often thinking my kid is cuter than the other kid.

  3. haha love it!! I'm loving the oh-so-tactful way you're calling their kids ugly! :o)

    PS--it's my biggest fear right now that our baby's going to be hideous. Is that horrible to think? I've just never seen what an "Alaina+Mitchell" baby looks like, so I don't know what to expect!!

  4. Haahaahaa! Of course, being their mommies, I'm sure they are probably thinking the same thing about their little beastie/beastette. But, we know the truth, right? :)

  5. Oh really? And here I thought that was the way to go. :) Guess I'd better stick to pumping out ubber cute kids with the tactful second hand clothing. :)

  6. you are too funny!! I have to say my son was one ugly baby. If you look at his baby pictures he looks like an alien baby. But then when he hit 6 months old, Oh my goodness!!! He was sooooo beautiful. He was such a happy little boy, and had beautiful curls.
    Now I have the cutest grandchildren ever!! I tell my daughter that it is her fault the kids are so cute, because it's hard to discipline them when they look at you with those beautiful blue eyes.