Saturday, September 18, 2010

Sick Husband

My husband stayed home sick from work yesterday. He caught the respiratory virus that is going around and of course thought he was dying. Does anyone else's husband do this?

I was nice and made him breakfast, drugged him up, and took the kids out to the Zoo that morning so he could rest in peace and quiet. I was kind of excited to have my husband home, even if he was an invalid.

Then I realized how much having my husband home disrupts my day. Not only did I have my children demanding my attention, but now had my sick husband demanding my attention. He wanted to cuddle and watch movies all day since he wasn't feeling good, which would have been fine if our very active children would have desired the same thing. I felt like I couldn't get anything done. My email went unchecked, the house was ignored, and the kids wanted Daddy to play with them. My routine was completely gone.

By mid-afternoon I wanted him to go back to work. Instead I took a nice, long, hot shower. I was going to get some benefit out of him being at home! Does anyone else have this problem? Husbands disrupting the weekday schedule?


  1. Let me just say...I HEAR you...I GET it! I know there are a lot of women out there with hubbies like this. I am one of them. Mine acts the same with sniffles or pneumonia (okay, he was a little worse with pneumonia). He takes to his bed for recuperation. A grand ol' idea, I agree. It just never seems my turn comes around. :p

    It is crazy how having him home at unusual times completely sets my life off. I think I'll accomplish more, but it always seems I accomplish MUCH less. I will say that there have been many times when he's home he watches the kids for my benefit. He'll watch the older beasties and let me and Emme go thrift store hunting, library raiding or ugly grocery shopping. It does wonders for me and my mood (as long as I can ignore the carnage of my home when I return ;) )

  2. I hear about this so much from my friends! Spencer is rarely sick, so I don't have tons of experience with this, although I have noticed he is whinier then me when he has small things, like colds and what-not.

    As for the ruined routine, I find that when he is home, I basically don't get anything done. I think that has a lot to do w/the fact that I expect it to be a day off for me too (like on Saturdays or holidays) and that just doesn't really work where children or housework is involved.

  3. Hey! Sick is sick. No rest for the weary I guess, especially with 2 kids 2 or less. I'll try and pencil it in the next time I get sick :)