Tuesday, October 20, 2009

What young girl doesn't need a bustier?

Normally I'm a pretty laid back, tolerant, live-and-let-live type of girl. I don't feel it's my job to hoist my opinions and beliefs on other people (I can hear my husband laughing now;), especially as I realize in today's world not everyone believes as I do...but I really have to rant about something I find highly inappropriate.

I was wandering about the mall the other day when my attention was caught by these huge advertisements in a store's windows. The posters showed larger-than-life pictures of girls scantily dressed in lingerie-ish underclothing. I was a little surprised because I knew I wasn't near Victoria's Secret...and then I realized I was standing in front of aerie, American Eagle's under- lounge-, and exercise-wear branch. I was bothered by a few of different things while standing there slack-jawed in the middle of a crowded mall on a Saturday night.

1~The girls in the posters were obviously very young.
2~Said young girls were dressed in nearly nothing and what they were wearing could hardly be called age-appropriate.
3~Nearly naked, underage girls were posed very provocatively.
4~Provocative, semi-nude young girls had sexually-charged captions on their photos ("sexy," "flirty," etc.).
and finally...
5~This was all on the outside windows of a store geared towards young, teenage girls.

Honestly, my first thought was, "that's darn near close to child pornography." While I realize the poster girls weren't actually fully nude or engaged in sexual acts, the photos were still of underage girls who were dressed and posed waaay too sexually for their ages.

Then my thoughts moved toward the fact that aerie is a store that is aimed at young, underage girls. I couldn't help but wonder what message the advertisers are trying to send: If you shop here you'll be fun and flirty? How about, boys will think you're sexy if you're wearing our underwear? Regardless of their intentions, the message they're selling is SEX. I mean, really, most aerie shoppers shouldn't even be showing any boys their underwear, let alone buying lingerie! Statistics show that "when compared to teens who are not sexually active, teenage boys and girls who are sexually active are significantly less likely to be happy and more likely to feel depressed...[and] are significantly more likely to attempt suicide." Everyday, 8,000 teenagers in the United States become infected by a sexually transmitted disease. Not to mention that teen pregnancy is rampant. If anything, we should be telling our girls (and our boys too, for that matter) to say No, NO, NO not Go, GO, GO!

Instead, what's aerie telling our girls? No need to wait until marriage, or heck, even until you're emotionally mature enough to handle sex. Unwanted pregnancy? STDs? forgetaboutit. It IS all about being sexy and titillating and catching those young boys by the balls...and have we got *the* cutest pair of garter panties and matching bustier to get you on your way.


  1. It really is sad how in this country we tell our 13 year old girls they're still children - but we allow advertisers to use sex and sexuality to sell to them. And 13 is practically ancient now days. Advertisers are using sex and sexuality to grab elementary kids. It's scary! These are kids for whom sex should still be that icky thing old ppl do to make babies. Not on their radar at all.

    *sigh* It makes me sad to see those kinds of things accepted in our society. We should be protecting our children, not selling them out for some store at the mall.

  2. Bravo!! Well said!! We DO need a child's advocate protecting our children from drugs, child preditors...and the world projecting sexual images all over the place telling them "everyone's doing it, and here--we'll help you all along the way". What's even more disturing is that society says "no" to drugs, takes real precautions against child preditors and then throws children and teens to the wolves when it come to sex. I feel that as much harm that comes to their physical bodies from drugs they can endure as much emotional (and sometimes physical) damage to their well-being from premarital sex. When I read this is makes me sad to think what my poor daughter is going to have to face...heck, what my sons will have to face, and the pressures at all angles to get them to do things they find morally wrong. There is a light at the end of the tunnel to all of this, though. We DO have the gospel to help ground us help us navigate ourselves and our children through these bumpy times.

  3. I totally agree with you Whitney! I have a hard time looking at clothing magazines or walking through the mall because of the way they advertise now a days and it's rediculous. I don't want to feel uncomfortable everytime I want to buy cloths because of their advertising, and I'm married with two kids! It's so hard now a days to keep these youngs teens minds in the right place, and stores aren't making it easier. Wish there was more we could do about it. It is darn near close to Child porn and too many people find it okay. So sad.

  4. Oh that's something I've been thinking a lot about and discussing with my husband. It just makes me sick how we as a nation idolize children stars and sexualize them... Don't even get me started there. I guess the best we can do is teach them self-respect and confidence and make sure our daughters have strong relationships with their fathers. I read a study recently that said girls who have strong relationships with their fathers are more likely to succeed, less likely to have sex as a teenager, and just all around more confident.

  5. Funny how this is a topic that came to my mind as I have recently made a quick run to the mall, too. I was walking by an Ambercrombie store...it doesn't matter who it is, it is the whole advertising in its entirety paving the way for the adversary. It IS sad society accepts sex in teens AND the age is getting younger every year. I recently saw a news story about a 12 (gasp, gasp) year old girl who was not only pregnant, but thinking about keeping the baby. What?! My first thought was what in the world was she doing being sexually active at the age of 12?! We are trying to keep our children clean and pure and the world will stop at nothing to sully their minds earlier and earlier. I hear you on this one!!!