Friday, October 30, 2009

Sometimes I feel like this:

Let me explain: I'm 30 weeks pregnant and this pregnancy has been very hard on me and consequently on my husband. I haven't had much patience with people and since I can't lose it in front of strangers or with my son, my poor husband receives the brunt of everything. The sane part of me, the normal part of me, says "you're being crazy, just ignore the fact that he is chewing too loudly." But the insane-pregnant side of me says out loud: "Stop chewing!"

My husband is extremely patient and loving. He is a middle child and therefore a peacemaker. It takes a LOT for him to lose his patience, but for the first time in our marriage I've pushed him that far. Of course, all that comes of it is basically him telling me I'm being a butthead. He's right of course, and I feel awful. I want to do something special for him. Something that shows him how much I really do appreciate all of the support, patience, and love he gives me.

So I have two things to request from our readers: One, any ideas of something special I can do for him? Two, And please tell me I'm not the only one who acts crazy...

P.S. The video is kind of creepy, therefore appropriate with Halloween tomorrow...


  1. I don't know you guys, so I don't feel comfortable offering any suggestions to do for him (My stock answer is baking his favorite treat, but you might do that all the time, or he might not have a favorite treat, so...!). But I can promise you're not the only one to feel these things as a pregnant woman. Pregnancy hormones sometimes work the same way as whatever lil buggars act as depression hormones. You WANT to be happy/grateful/nice/ normal, but then you find yourself growling mean/inappropriate things to the "wrong" ppl. Hopefully the ppl you do this to understand you are not quite yourself!

    Good luck with the remainder of the pregnancy, and hopefully all these wacky hormones will equal a very calm & loving baby! : )

  2. No honey, you're not the only one. I know I've been there and done that during a number of times in our marriage and I know lots of other women who have too. For me, it's usually during pregnancy and for a few month post-partum...or if I haven't gotten enough me-time lately ;)

    As for nice things to do for your husband...I find a little gratuity goes a long way. Thank him for little things he does, like rubbing your feet, doing the dishes, or taking baby w/him on an errand so you can be by yourself. When you say "thank you" often enough, it kind alleviate some of the stress from the not-so-niceness.

    Not to mention the occasional love note and smooch can do a world of good. :)

  3. Oh, and yes, that video is definitely odd...

  4. Unfortunately for my sweet, non-confrontational, patient hubby-I'm always like that! I'm very irrational, yet he loves me anyway. One thing is I try to apologize, which is not as easy as it should be sometimes. Other than that, a surprise treat, watching a movie he enjoys, or doing something to destress us, like taking a walk, seem to work. It usually calms me down, and it makes him feel like I'm paying attention to him.

  5. I hear you on the hormone front. Sometimes I just remind myself not to be too hard on me. There are times when my hubby is a loser to me and I try to be nice/level/not kill him, too. It gets better, and if it doesn't...drugs are nice! ;)

    One thing Kit loves is appreciation. Showing him, telling him that I see where he is helping and being great helps reinforce he is trying hard and I see it despite the feelings I emote. I make sure I apologize when I step out of line (or at least try to) when I have a sane moment. Fortunately for me, this being #4 and I haven't been "normal" for a long time, he recognizes I'm just a crazy right now. Physical affection works wonders for my husband (hope not TMI) and it allows me to connect and show love. Probably, though, the number one thing Kit sees as I am hearing and seeing him as my husband is when I schedule a date. Ours are far and few inbetween so when I make the effort, it allows both of us to de-stress and appreciate each other.

  6. Clean house + Good meal = Happy Hubby.

    A good makeout never hurts either. ;)