Monday, October 12, 2009

Favorite Things

Do you have a few favorite things that you are convinced just make your life so much easier? You know, things that maybe you could do yourself or should probably buy generic brand but you find it's so worth splurging for.

I found one of those things. Disposable toilet bowl cleaners - simply install the little gel pad on the inside of your toilet bowl and it dissolves over a period of time (usually a week), keeping your toilet clean with each flush.

The bathroom is the one place that gets away from me while pregnant and it is also the one chore my husband despises with a vengeance. In order to save our marriage (okay, that might have been a little melodramatic, but you get the point), we have totally bought into the quick, easy solutions. We also love shower sprays, spray down the shower stall after each use and fight mildew and other grossness. The bathroom doesn't need a good scrub down half as often as before, which makes my husband happy, while still staying relatively clean and smelling good, which makes me happy.

Other favorite things:
-Tree Top Apple Juice (seriously won't even consider generic apple juice after trying this stuff).
-Stouffer's Lasagna (so tasty and you don't have to do any of the work)
-Victoria's Secret bras
-Pretty much anything crafty because I am craft-deficient. I would totally spend $10 on a wooden sign that my best friend could probably do herself for much cheaper.

Those are just a few of my favorite things that make my life easier, make me happier, save my sanity, or just plain make me feel sexy. What are a few of your favorite things?


  1. I'm all about the Clorox wipes. Genius!!! I also love the color catchers for the wash, I seriously don't know what I did without them. Yes, things that make life easier are worth it!!!

  2. I'm with Lib. I love my Clorox Wipes (I'm trying the generic type right now and I'm not liking them as back to brand name after they're used up) amd I love, love, love my color catchers. I wouldn't live w/o them. I am also currently splurging on Yoplait yogurt...I know, I know, generic probably tastes the same. I dunno, there is something extra special when I know that I splurged on something I normally wouldn't have and I sit down to eat it during "me time". Let's see, I also currently splurged on some fall decor. Just a couple little things. Some styrafome (sp??) picks that I put in some greenery on my table to make it "fallish" and some chunky styrafome fruit/leaves/pincones to set out to make my kitchen fallish, as well. I'm a sucker for the holidays and their decorations.
    Thanks for the post. It was a fun "pick-me-up". :)

  3. As all good things seem to be catching among families, I totally agree w/Steph and Lib on the wipes and color catchers.

    I'm a HA-UGE fan of VS bras. Seriously one of their biggest, yet somehow one of their smallest :P

    Little Caesar's Pizza. It's definitely not the best in the business, but thank heavens it's cheap and only 3 blocks from our house...which leads me to Papa Murphy's. mmmmmmm. It's semi-expensive, but worth every penny.