Tuesday, April 7, 2009

It's called RESPECT

Some people call me naive, others old-fashioned. There is also self-righteous and the dreaded anti-feminist. Why? Because I believe sexual relations should only be practiced between a man and woman who are married. To each other. Not only do I believe it but I have practiced it. Both my husband and I practiced abstinence until we were married. The white gown I wore on my wedding day really did mean something. I also believe that a husband and wife's first obligations are to their family. If this means the woman stays home with the kids while the husband earns the bacon then I am in full support of it.

Recently I have been bombarded with lesser values in TV shows, movies, and books. It has me disgusted to see the degeneration of womanhood in today's media. Yes that's right. The sexual "freedom" that is displayed in the media, the push for sexual "equality" with lawsuits, the acceptance of pornography as a social norm, the elitism against motherhood, all of this and more are leading to the downfall of womanhood. Some people scoff at my argument saying that women like myself are undoing all that our ancestors have done for us. Is that so?

Then how come my husband worships the ground I walk on? I have chosen to do something that many women and men are terrified of - I have chosen to stay home with my child every single day, doing house work, being a mother and wife. How come I have the esteem of every male and female relation whether they be mere acquaintance or more intimate? Many of my peers enjoyed working with me on assignments because I did not make them uncomfortable with my latest one-night-stand stories. Many of the males I have worked with admit to being intimidated.

The first feminist movement was to gain equality in society. The latest feminist movements have been undoing what other women worked so hard to gain. So to all those who think I am old-fashioned, anti-feminist, or what other names you may come up with I only have one thing to say: It's called RESPECT!


  1. It amazes me how in today's society with all the talk of women's freedom to choose, stay at home moms still get treated like the stereotypical timid, barefoot-and-pregnant housewife. Don't they realize that this is our *choice*? That we are just as "liberated" as they are simply because we are living out our ideal, our dream, our best possible choice?

    A little r.e.s.p.e.c.t. for the SAHMs, please!

  2. totally agree! My pet peeve are these shows that make going to bed with each other a natural thing. everyone is doing it. I'm getting tired of watching promiscuity like it's going out of style.I'm thinking about cutting the cable down again. nothing but slut and smut.

  3. Here, here! I couldn't agree with you more. The advesary is just clapping his hands with glee as he watches Heavenly Father's daughters self-destruct. We watch our fellow sisters choose to fluant their body to get ahead, and for whatever thing they see fit to trade their morality and virtue. It's disgusting. And there are the women who choose not to have children because it will "tie me down' or "ruin my figure". They are choosing not to bring spirits into this world for the price of a figure. I can attest my children bring me greater joy then a body w/o any stretch marks and a tight tummy ever did. Thank you for speaking out (eloquently as usual) for the STAHM who have chosen this way of life. Yes, it's a sacrifice but it is one that I have chosen (choice being the operative word) becuase I feel it's best for my family.