Thursday, April 2, 2009

For the record

...yes, it was an April Fool's joke. Now we can all relax.





  1. ha! That is a great April Fool's Joke. I was about to wonder with the combined Enrichment meetings...yikes.

  2. For the record - I did know it was an April Fool's Joke but thought it would be funny to analyze it. See Whitney - no need to worry! :)

  3. scenario:
    A couple in their early thirties, married in the temple, three children,ages 8 to 3 yrs, are having marital problems. Both have jobs, the wife two. The husband works full time in a law firm, working on PhD,gets kids ready for school, takes them to school/day care, picks them up, feeds them, gives them their baths, puts them to bed, studies for bar exam and school. Wife occasionally pitches in but says she works two jobs, he needs to help around the house. when things get tough, wines about divorce, kicks him out of the bedroom.
    what should they do??

  4. I vote go to a marriage counselor *shrug*