Friday, March 2, 2012

Just Wait...

A friend of mine posted THIS article on facebook today and my first thought was to share it with y'all.  I loved it so much that it gave me that kind of teary smile that goes all the way down deep.


In other news, Aub and I are thinking about re-vamping our little hot chocolate talk, so stay tuned for changes :)


  1. What a great article. Tears come so much easier for me lately and that sure was a tear-inducing article. I know I don't have teens yet, but i think I'm getting a bot of perspective not with a pre-teen. It's true what the article says, there is such intense joy and intense pain that comes with parenting. But, when everything is boiled down to the bare bones I would never, ever trade away the chance to be a parent--despite the growing pains. There is no pain that could make me wish away the chance to see my son front and center stage dancing and singing his heart out with his classmates, or my daughter coming up to me and giving me the biggest bear hug and telling me she loves me in her lispy-four yr. old voice--just because, or my chocolaty-brown-eyed son giving me his "special, secret" smile he only gives to me because it's how he says "love you" from across the room--or a million other small, tender moments that come as a parent. There IS. so. much. joy. As a society of negative thinkers and sayers it is a breath of fresh air--and a wonderful reminder that parenting is a gift that should be cherished, despite the inevitable struggles. Now that I'm thinking about there anything in life that comes w/o trials that is truly worth it?? As far as I've seen, there isn't.

  2. Eeek, so many typos...should've re-read it. *I think I'm getting a bit of perspective now with a pre-teen*

  3. Oh I love it! Exactly what I need to hear and remember. I want to add a "just wait" moment. "Just wait until you realize a simple kiss and hug solves all the worlds problems to your toddler." :)