Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I Need a Reminder

Blame it on the heat, the close age of my kids, the constant barrage of company, blame it on whatever you want; but things have been a bit rough. When things get a bit rough, I remind myself all that is good and well with the world, or in this case, motherhood. So here goes:

*The smiles and hugs first thing in the morning. The excitement of discovering their surroundings. The thrill (and terror) on their face the first time they roll over. The sound of their laughter. Pausing in my rush to examine a beetle, splash in a puddle, and chase a bird. Listening to the babble and squeals of delight of my children playing together. Rediscovering favorite childhood past times such as playing in the rain and PBJ sandwiches. Watching their faces light up when you come home, or walk into a room after being absent for a few seconds. Seeing the love in their eyes when they see their Daddy. Reading them books. Playing trains. Holding them in my arms. Walking hand-in-hand. Watching them sleep. Feeling like my heart is going to burst from too much love.


  1. I need moments like that, too. They seem to make the rough patches not too awful...

  2. Thank heavens for wonderful moments. I'm not sure I (or them) would survive without them.

    I love the tiny puckered lips kisses, the nuzzleing and cuddling, the great excuse to swing again, watching them play together, watching them hug each other or (rarely) resolve their differences, feeling their warm buddies sneak into my bed and night and snuggle against me, watching their intensity while learning something new...just all of it.