Monday, May 24, 2010

Date Night Dilemma

A friend and I have recently started up a casual babysitting swap. She has three kids, I have three kids, all roughly the same age who manage to get along as well as any 6 kids can, ages 5 and under. We have similar parenting styles, our kids have similar temperaments, not to mention similar schedules too. It's pretty much a match made in heaven. There has been one bump in the road that I didn't plan on, however...

What exactly is one suppose to do when given the chance to have a regular date night? For so long, darling husband and I have only really gone out for planned events (get-togethers, long-awaited movie releases, holidays, family events, that sort of thing). So, when left with a few hours on our own...we end up semi-stumped. There's the ever-present option of dinner out or a movie, but those get old quick (not to mention pricey). I used to think I loved window-shopping on dates, but that was until I had no money and realized window-shopping is not all that fun when you take the shopping part out of the equation. So, what's a girl to do?

What do y'all do on the rare kids-free evening? Also, if you are in the Kansas City area, are there any fun places specifically that you think are worth the occasional splurge? Really, any suggestions (or commiserations) would be greatly appreciated!


  1. i wouldn't know, we have never had a regular date night, but I have heard from others that cheap dinner ( little ceasars pizza, or taco bell) in the car just so you can have a real conversation with the hubby without interruptions can make a great night! Check to see if you have a drive in movie theater... they are cheaper and can be much more personal that a theater with a 100 other people! or try to reanact a date that you guys had pre kids... something from college or your dating days...(like i said i have no idea if it works personally... i have only heard!) but good luck and good for you for taking time for you guys!

  2. Mini golf - I know, it'd also be something you can do with the kids, but there's something fun & freeing about doing a kid activity kid-free. If that makes sense? : ) Good luck!

  3. My husband is an astronomer, so sometimes we drive out to a secluded area and look at stars with his little baby telescope. You can spice that outting up with cocoa/pizza or whatever suites your fancy.

    Also, if you live around a university, they're always putting on plays or shows or all sorts of activities for free. The one we live around even puts on free astronomy nights where the public can look through the school's awesome telescopes.

    Don't knock the window shopping thing until you've done it at Home Depot or a furniture store. It's one of my favorite dates because we go in knowing we can't turn our house upside down, but it's fun to dream about the future. A nice ice cream seals the deal with that one!

    Bowling is always a classic, and small alleys that don't have all the bells and whistles but usually and lane, ball, pins, and a pool table are just the ticket!

    Last one, don't forget about the old part of your town, which is filled with shops and summertime events and artists renditions of decor improvements. It's fun to walk around and see the sights that most people forget to remember. Hope these help!

  4. Bowling is fun, though L loves it so it's usually a family thing. A few weeks ago we had plans w/ friends and that didn't work out, but we decided to do something anyway since we had a sitter. We went to Target and bought a new card game, then walked over to a little ice cream shop and shared ice cream while we played our new game. It was fun, cheaper than a movie, and we got a new game out of the deal.

  5. It sounds simple - but we like to go dinner and sit and talk. It's just so nice to enjoy a restaurant without kids screaming and throwing food. And we both love to just sit and take our time and talk. If we are in a nice place of town we will go for a walk afterward.

    We also will try to do something the other likes to do, play video games, peruse the shelves at Barnes and Noble. Plays at the community theater, Fairs, miniature golf, go-carts, football games, etc. Oh - for you specifically maybe check out an art museum. A lot of times they have free nights which makes it even better.

  6. We have the same problem, Whitney! :) I've always wanted to go to the OP Arboretum (free) and walk around; now that we have bikes, I want to take them out to Shawnee Mission Park and ride on the trails; Nelson-Atkins museum is free and really cool; the Country Club Plaza is a great place to get a bite and then walk around looking at the architecture; we like to go to Whole Foods and pick out fancy food to try for dinner; you could even just go home and *ahem* enjoy your quiet house for a few hours! ;) haha We also have a goal that we won't go out to eat at a place we've been before- that is forcing us to think out of the Applebee's box. Sprint Center is a cool place to walk around, too. (that's a lot of walking... :D)

  7. This website has some cute ideas:

    is a tour site for the KC area and you can pick how much you want to spend. There are also drive-in's in the area and now that it's summer, they are open! Trevor and I keep talking about it. Sometimes it's nice to play video games with the hubby (ie, Mario cart... not shooting things)

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  10. Okay, if the kids are away, it's time to play.
    Strip Uno, you lose the hand you take a piece of clothing off. Hey it's lead to more fun things to do....
    Go for walks holding hands and just talking without interuptions.
    Lead him on a scavenger hunt to your favorite place to eat.
    go get an ice cream cone and sit at the park and watch the world go buy.
    Sometimes it's just nice to stay home and listen to the peace and quiet and be greatful you have each other to grow old with.