Monday, July 27, 2009

I'm putting myself in Time Out.

I realized last Friday afternoon (which is the time I typically start pulling my hair out and screaming like a banshee) that I haven't been completely and utterly away from my children in over a month. With having my beasties with me for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for the last month (including 2 weeks of said month when I was husband-less), needless to say, I've been feeling a bit more stressed than normal. Sounds like I'm due for a time out.

I don't know about y'all, but for me, a month without alone time is a really. long. time. Whether for church meetings, dessert with a girlfriend, or a craft fair with my mom and sisters, I usually leave the little ones with my husband at least once a week. I'm one those girls who really, truly value their Me Time. I'll be honest, some days, I live for it.

As I normally don't neglect this facet of my life, I was pretty shocked to realize how long it'd been since I'd gotten away, but when I got down to it, I realized it was, in large part, due to my recent move. As I'm naturally a social creature, 99% of previous Me Time was spent with someone else. Move me away from all of my "someone else"s, and I suddenly forget to have some oh-so-necessary alone time. Soon after I realized my lack of childless activities I informed Spencer that sometime in the upcoming week, I was having a kid-free evening. that I have a time-out on the schedule, what's a girl to do? It's been so long since my alone time was actually spent, well, alone, that I seem to have forgotten how. What do you do when you have an evening (or afternoon or morning) all to yourself? Eat chocolates while sitting in the car with a romance novel? Go shopping? Hit on younger men? (I'm joking, really. REALLY!)

Spill it, ladies.


  1. One: I do our shopping, it is amazing how many deals and/or how less stressful wal-mart can be when your not worry-ing about what has snuck itself into the cart or what has snuck itself out of the cart (kids are sooo much fun aren't they?) or two: I turn up my ipod and jogg off ALOT of stress. thats what works for me!

  2. Per our previous discussion I go to Barnes and Noble - I can seriously kill hours there, or the library that way I don't feel guilty spending money.

    Sometimes I grab a good book and head off to a quiet cafe of some sorts for a little treat and some good quality reading time.

    Oh - or Pier 1 to drool and dream of what I want my house to eventually look like.

  3. Hmmm, what is this "me-time" you speak of?? j/k ;)
    Well, as of late I have been trying to go runking (I combined running and walking into one word)...while I am hating said runking I think of what I actually would call it. Anyway...I do actually enjoy having earphones in. That's right--I wear earphones where I can hear nothing but music...lovely. Then I go tan. I don't exactly love doing any of it, but it gets me out and away for a little bit.
    I have found something that I enjoy doing, though. I have found that I can go on Hulu and watch The View from the week. Nice. I love Hot Topics. It's like my bon bons. I even put headphones in...that's like the cherry on top. ;)

  4. Oooo, I forgot to the background! Where are you getting these??


    They're my new fav.

  6. I love the new backgrounds, too! Hmmm, me doesn't seem to happen very much. I did get a chance to run to Walmart last night by myself. Very fun, though, is time spent with others. I might just enjoy an afternoon alone at Panera Bread with a book, though. I have a gift card burning in my pocket from there. Being alone is great, but sometimes I feel like my alone time is spent better WITH someone. Here's to friends you can escape with!

  7. I can totally relate Whitney. I just spent 3 weeks with two kids and no hubby and through out my oldest was sick (Ear infections really do him in). Alone time would be fab right now! :) Good luck finding something fun to do. Wish I was closer and we could go together and find something fun to de-stress our lives with. :)