Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Have you noticed?

Have you noticed how actors/actresses (hereafter referred to as actors in a gender-neutral sort of way) can get away with just about anything? And I'm not comparing actors to us common folk. I'm comparing them to other famous-in-the-spotlight people.

It seems like there are agencies to step in as "Mom" in almost every situation other than actors. If an athlete acts up there is NCAA, NFL, NBA, MBL, NHL, NASCAR, etc, that will enforce fines, suspensions, and apologies. If a political figure steps out of line they are immediately reprimanded by some arm of government and usually forced to apologize or step-down via the public. There is even the SEC to watch over Corporate America.

However, actors can do anything. There is no fine, no suspension, nothing is enforced by the Screen Actors Guild or any other agency. They usually avoid the arm of the law, side-stepping fines, rehabs, and even jail time with a few good lawyers and nice Christmas presents sent to judges. And how does the public react? We eat it up. We buy the gossip columns, we obsess with reality TV shows, and run the price of their value up. At the very least, we roll our eyes and say what's new?

This immature, egotistical, supercilious behavior needs to stop. A third party needs to enforce some kind of discipline to the Lindsay Lohans and Christian Bales of Hollywood. When someone is pulled over for a DUI and avoid the law they should have to, at the very least, pay some kind of fine to the SAG. When someone belittles their coworkers due to an inability to control their temper they should be required to attend anger management classes. Some of Hollywood needs to be reminded that they are just people, paid to entertain us.


  1. Valid point. It kills me what the entire entertainment sector gets away with.

    Wait a second...who mommies the mommies? ;)

  2. Ahhh, well said. Maybe "actor" is a synonym for "adults who choose not to grow up and act anyway they see fit". Well, maybe that's too long of a title...but at least we would call it like it is! ;)

  3. hear, hear, how many times are they going to put Robert downey, Jr. in jail for drugs, just to have his celebrity friends say, he needs help don't judge him to harshly. Instead of saying what was up with Brittany Spears, somebody needs to control her, why didn't her so called celebrity "friends" offer to get her help for post partum depression. (Gee the signs were all there) just be glad we are ordinary people living ordinary lives.... love that song from the bee gees. :)