Monday, March 16, 2009

Like Father, Like Son

I had an interesting conversation with my three year old the other day.

He walked into the room as I was getting dressed and noticed my bra as I was putting it on. The ensuing conversation went something like this...

"What's that?"
"It's just something Mommys wear."
"For your chest?"
"Yes, for my chest."
"Can I touch it?"
He then proceeded to stroke my bra.
"They feel soft, Mommy...soft and squishy. I like them." With a couple more pats, he went on his way.

He reminds me of my husband, twenty-something years ago. I guess some things never change.


  1. Girl, don't you know? Once a boob man, always a boob man. ROFLMBO!!!!!


  2. It starts young, Whit...really young. I think the fascination might be innate, really. You made me laugh first thing in the morning, and I needed it!

  3. Actually, that was ME, Lib commenting, sorry about that!

  4. Oh goodness - that's funny. Is this what I have to look forward to?

  5. Mmkay, that's hilarious!

    Short Story: One day my son was curious too, Jared (the hubby) happened to be in the room at the time my son asked what "those" were and wanted to touch ...Jared replied "Now son, those could get you into get you into trouble.."

    Now, my boys call my bra or my chest "troubles" lol

  6. This made me laugh so hard...thank you for the good laugh.