Tuesday, February 24, 2009

What DO we do all day?

Is it just me or is Tacoma the lady that's always giving me dirty looks for daring to bring my kids into Olive Garden?

May Heaven curse her with three children in less than three years

...and then insist she stay home with them.

ps-click on the page and it'll open up loads bigger, making it easier to read.


  1. My Wal-Mart story:

    I'm buying flour when:

    Cashier "Do you do a lot of cooking."

    Me: "Umm, yes, I suppose."

    Cashier: "Are you a stay-home Mom?"

    Me: "Yes, I am."

    Cashier: "Then you have a lot of time to do things like that."


  2. hahahaha...flour is time consuming? hum...I have the feeling that lady wouldn't cook even if she had the "time." And that author must have been a mom because that pretty much sounds like a typical day and I only have one kid. :)

  3. Seriously, I can't believe someone wrote that!...well, actually I guess I can. Kit and a few coworkers had to staunchly defend home-makers to a female coworker. When a bunch of the guys were talking about tough financial times, she stated she couldn't understand how women could sit at home on their lazy rears (not her particular choice of words) all day and not help to contribute to the financial coffers of the family. Can you believe it?!!! Seriously, there was a mighty call to arms from my sweetie and a couple of other men who understood what stay-at-home mothers deal with.

    That being said, let me just comment on how thankful I am for the sweet "God bless you, Mama" and "Those sure are sweet boys; you're doing the Lord's work raisin' them" comments I hear every once in awhile down here. They raise my spirits and have reminded me the truth about our callings as Mothers.

    Please remind me of this next time I get looks, whispers and rude comments next time I go to (fill in the blank here).

  4. That lady should think about how much child care costs and how little you actually do get to sit on your "lazy rear" before she goes off on something she knows nothing about! Yay for Kit and coworkers standing up for all mothers.