Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Glee makes laundry folding oh-so-much better.

(Thank heavens the show got back in its groove after this season's rough start)


  1. it was a rough start! last nights was great! I loved the duet between Quin and whats his face... dirty dancing! great episode... wish they would have sang a third song at districts!

  2. Horray!! You have turned me into a fantastic gleek...and I love it. :) I agree, Glee DOES make pretty much any mundane talk better. :)

    As for the previous post...pretty much anything fun and frivilous makes me smile. Although, I do believe I am getting (a tiny weeny) bit more practical in my old age...I think I may want a steam mop...gasp....I know. I luu-uuved the red heels, btw. Excellant taste.

  3. i ment to say task...not talk...