Thursday, January 14, 2010

Virtual Baby Shower, part deux

And on we go...

My second birth was more to my liking, although there were definite pros and cons. As my daughter was a VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean), I had to travel well over an hour to get to my doctor and hospital (darn Oklahoma liability insurance restrictions :P). That in and of itself was not super-fun. I had another slow labor start, like I had with my previous birth. I woke up with contractions (about 7:30am), 8 days before my due date, went to Wal-mart (again), went to my little brother's high school graduation that evening, and showed up at the hospital at 1:00/1:30am at 4.5cm dilated. Contractions at this point were waaay more painful then they were with my first baby at a 4. I was crazy with the pain. I guess I just didn't know what to expect and had been so stressed (my husband had graduated and we had moved across the country less then a month before I went into labor) that I just hadn't really prepared. I fought the pain rather then giving into them, if that makes sense

I had a stupid, stupid doctor (my actual doctor was out of town) that was super-anti-VBAC. He actually had the gall to insist that I explain to him why I wanted to go vaginal instead of cesarean (in the middle of a contraction, no less) and then scoff when I said that one of my reasons was that I wanted more than 3 kids. grrr. He acted like I was placing my baby in extreme danger, listed all the tests and monitoring I needed to have done...and then proceeded to only stop by the room once for the rest of labor.

Moving on...I received my epidural at 8 cm dilated. I wondered later if I had known I was so far along if I would've just tried to go natural (they checked me AFTER they gave me the epi). Despite my earlier panicking with the pain, by that point, I felt that I was finally starting to get the hang of things. Whether or not I would've changed it, the epidural gave me a break and a chance to sleep, which was blissful because by this point (3:15-ish am) I was absolutely exhausted. I do think my epidural slowed down the labor by looking at my rate of dilation up to that point, but it really wasn't that big of deal...I got a chance to sleep and there was no harm done. One thing, though, was the the epidural didn't take well on one side, so we kept on bumping the dosage in the hopes it would even things out a bit...which is sort of did, but it also made me completely numb from the waist-down. I couldn't even feel any sort of pressure).

Anyway, fast forward a few hours and I'm ready to push. The doctor came in (this would be the first time I had seen him since he condescendingly dismissed me earlier) and had me push once. I was in a horrible position (not quite flat, but definitely not having gravity helping at all), with absolutely no help or direction from the nurse and didn't push very effectively that first try. He decided it'd be quite a while before I delivered, so he in he left the hospital and went home. Well, as soon as he left, a different nurse came into the room and she actually knew what she was doing. She encouraged my husband and mother to hold up my legs, helped me sit up a little more, and told me to avoid pushing with my thighs...and around 20 minutes later, at 7:25 am, we had a baby (which, if you're keeping track, is about 24 hours from when I woke up with contractions the day before). At this point in time, there was no doctor in the room. There were only a couple of frantic nurses paging the new doctor who was still changing into her scrubs and what-not. The doctor who arrived was fairly upset with how the whole thing was handled...especially since I ended up with 3rd degree tearing because of the lack of a doctor there to help things move a bit more gently. yeeeouch. My recovery, while definitely easier then my c-section, was still pretty darn painful.

Overall, I was pretty happy with my first daughter's birth. While there were definitely things I didn't love about it (did I mention how much I abso-friggin'-lutely disliked my doctor?), it was very much a step in the right direction for me. One of the things I loved best about her birth was that I was finally able to test my body and see if it could really, truly, manage to push that proverbial watermelon out of the lemon-sized gap. I was more than a little excited and relieved to see that it, in fact, could.

Come on, y'all. I just sound stupid if I'm the only one posting birth stories. Aubrey has heard all mine already :P

ps-thanks Aubrey, Steph, and Holly for your previous input!

pps-Here's a humorous side note: I couldn't find a good spot for in the story: In the moment right after the birth, when I found out my baby was actually a girl, I was so completely and utterly relieved. T hat was truly my first thought..."Thank Heavens she's a girl". Let's just say I had A LOT of pink things on hand and my husband had been torturing me mercilessly with loads of blue-related "what-ifs".


  1. Ok, OK, here is my baby number one story. Wednesday night, I am sitting doing my homework at the computer desk , then all of a sudden I swear I just pee'd myself (oh yeah, welcome to mother hood) but wait.. I know I did not just pee myself.. it was just a little.. so what do I do?.. i smell my pants.. it didn't smell like urine, but it didn't smell "sweet" like all the books said (oh yes, i was one of THOSE, that READ everything) so we call my midwife, she says, well if you start contractions, come in to the hospital, if not come into the office tomorrow at nine and we will check, well, no contractions all night (plus no sleep.. but oh well) so in I go, they do their little litmus test.. yep, your water broker girl friend, we have to get that baby out before infection sets in (within 24 hours of water breaking is the "rule") SO I call my husband in his student teaching who starts driving the 45 min drive back to me, I go home, get my bag, do the dishes (my parents would be coming in town) stop by McDonald's (hey the hospital wasn't gonna let me eat!) and then me and hubby head to the hospital a little after 11am (as you can see, no contractions, I am not worried about time here) so I get there, they re-brake my water, and ask me if I am feeling the contractions that they see on their monitor, nope I don't, but I am dilated to a 4, off to a good start, I was fully against being induced (but infection didn't sound good either) so I basically fought the nurses for 5 hours asking them to stop the pitocin that HURT REALLY BAD! I was given an dose of IV drugs (didn't want an epidural) about the time I started pushing, I pushed for 15 min and my 8 lb 12 oz bowling ball of a baby came out.. he was short (19 in)and fat, but apparently I was made for pushing large children out (thank goodness) The biggest thing I remember about labor was that it felt so good to push, i had urges at the right time, and that it took the pain of the pitocin away! I had one very small stitch and I asked to go home the next day (what am i crazy? i learned my lesson... bad idea, he didn't sleep the whole second night) he was a wonderful baby once my mother in law helped me get him on a better nursing schedule, ( he originally thought i was there at beck and call every 2 hours... i was bleeding and have scars from nursing that kid) he slept at least 8 hours threw the night from 2 weeks old on, (the Lord was blessing me to get through my last semester in my BS).. I thought I could have a thousand babies after the experience... don't worry my second child was and is a whole different story, colic, no sleeping, much harder...

    But I will share that story later...

  2. Do you really want to know about my labors? ;) It's quite interesting. First off. I've got 3 boys. All born at least 3 weeks early. My first started it all. I was 33-ish weeks and started swelling. Not surprising considering I lived in Tucson, AZ and it was really hot! I go in for my regular appt. and dr. checks my weight (gained 10lbs of water), bp had skyrocketed, and I was dilated to a 4, 50% effaced, I think. I immediately got sent to the hospital to see what was going on. I stopped by my husband's work on the way to freak out and get him. ;D I ended up staying in the hospital for 1 week on bedrest and got a bunch of tests done. I wasn't totally preeclamptic, but my numbers weren't right. They did another ultrasound on Logan and found the placenta was dying early. They gave my 3 more weeks, tops. After the 1st week, they sent me home on strict bedrest. Awful. But better than being in the hospital. I was home for 1 week, and then couldn't feel him moving, so was admitted again. I had dilated more and was more effaced by this time. I stayed in the hospital for 2 days, then let go so I could go to my baby shower the next day. I went to my baby shower on Sat., then spent the evening walking around Target getting the essentials we hadn't had time to get yet. The next morning my water broke, and we went (again) to the hospital. Logan was born after 4hrs. of labor. 6lbs. 9oz. (36 1/2 wks). And 13 mo. later we had baby #2! (another story for another time)

  3. Okay. Whitty has posted number here goes mine.
    As I had mentioned in my earlier comment I had gone over with my first baby and did NOT want a repeat performance. So, I had Greyson scheduled. Early. Yep, I'm one of those moms. Oh well. He actually wasn't that early, just 3 days. Just as the last pregnancy I went in the night before and was given Cervadil (a medicine to soften the cervix). It worked like a charm and by early that morning I had started into labor myself without a drop of Pitocin. I requested an epidural, as the contraction were really starting to hurt. The anesthesiologist was in surgery so I had to wait. I figured out with Cooper that (at least with him) that once my water breaks things really start moving, so I told my dr. (who I loved) that I wanted him to wait until I recieved my epidural before he broke my water. He was wonderful and let me "drive" so to speak. I waited a bit longer for the medicine and things were really starting to get painful. Finally the ansthesiologist came and and aministered the epidural. When I scooched over to get the medicine I saw water...eeek. I let the nurse know and she told me that my water broke and I was probably getting close to too far along, but not to let the ansthesiologist know that or else she wouldn't give it to me as she was a stickler about those kind of things. Finally the epidural started to work...ahhh, bliss...and they checked me. I was dialated to an eight. So, that means I had progressed really quickly. No real shocker there...I had been really feeling it! After just a little bit more time I was ready to push. After just two or three pushes Greyson entered this world. He also had struggles with the swiftness of my labor. I was on my side with oxygen before he was born. If I hadn't been able to push him out so quickly I would have had to have a cesarean. The dr. was telling nurses to go prep the ER for an emergancy c-section. Thankfully, Grey was no large feat for me and the surgery was avoided. He was born by 10:00 (or so) that morning. Nothing like starting labor that morning and getting to enjoy my babies for teh rest of the day. Love that.
    I am grateful for my sweet Grey. I love him dearly and the Lord knew what I could handle. He was a gentle, good baby. I think I needed a "breather" after my Coop. Cooper was a bit tricky as a baby. I'm just blessed they are in my life and I have the chance to raise them.
    K-Ella's up next...

  4. Here's my first. I am one of those women who down play things. I was swelling and did call once, to be told not to worry about it. A couple of weeks pass until it is my next dr.'s appt (Friday). I should have seen the signs-not having to flex my legs to get the skin tight for shaving, having a foot print in my opposite calf 'cause my foot was resting against it as I was getting my socks and shoes on-I was not quite 37 weeks for this appointment and my sisters and mom and I were planning on having one last girls' night out after my appt. My BP is high and I've gained over 10 pounds(when I looked over my records later, I had gained over ten pounds the previous visit also and had a rising BP for several visits in a row...anyone paying attention out there?!). The doctor came in and took my BP herself then looked at my swelling. She tells me I need to go across the street and get admitted in the hospital. Immediately. Say what?! She stripped my membranes and I start contracting. I go to the hospital(it was FABULOUS to have my mom and sisters there instead of all alone) and we call Kit to come. The girls stay with me until later that evening then decide to go home and rest since they weren't starting the pit that night, only the cervadil. At this point I am having regular contractions, but not too strong. Unfortunately the nurse forgets to place the cervadil that night, and remembers when she is about off in the morning. Oops. They place it and start the pit the next hour. I can handle the contractions, I think, and I'm doing fine. The girls are back Saturday morning. My BP is rising so they decide to break my water early afternoon. All of a sudden I really FEEL the contractions. I am only at a 2 so they can't give me an epidural. I start to be nauseous so they give me medicine for that late afternoon. Unfortunately those meds made me fall asleep. Because I didn't have pain meds, I would wake up with the hard contractions, but I wasn't aware of what I was doing. Let's just say my poor family was flashed more times than they EVER deserve, I tried to leave the hospital and tried to pull out my IVs. The meds wear off/they stop giving them to me about 9-ish 'cause I remember coming around at a rough contraction and focusing on the clock. I was surprised to note I had bandages to my elbows (to keep me from reaching my IVS) and my family dozing (since they were exhausted after dealing with me for a few hours). They roused to tell me tales (to my horror). They were such troopers. They curled up on the HARD furniture, floor and I think Whit made a bed for herself by pushing two ladder back chairs together. I labored through the night and was a 7 when they checked me that morning. Thankfully, I could get a epidural, but I needed to wait a half an hour for the anesthesiologist. No prob. I remember my MIL calling wondering if Kit just neglected to call her since it had been so long. I get the epi, they check me immediately after, I am a ten and Jos is crowning. All of a sudden I am pushing and he makes his way out. The epi had worn off/ didn't really take since I felt her sewing my tear. Uggh. She had to give me a local anesthetic. I see them whisk him away (he wasn't breathing well) and I promptly fall asleep. I guess they came close to giving me a transfusion (it was ordered) since I wouldn't stop bleeding. Someone got smart and gave me more pit to help my uterus contract down (they have to do this with all my babies;I'm a bleeder)and I woke up, saw my beautiful scrawny (6.8 lbs. and 21 inches long) little red-fuzzed boy. They kept me there for 3 more days. I lost 40 lbs. of water weight the first 2 weeks after delivery.I remember thinking how large my lips looked in comparison to my face after the swelling receded. My face must have been so full and puffy.

  5. I'll post number 2 was a very different and BETTER experience.

  6. Alright, I'll give in. Here's my first child's birth.
    So...I had a fine pregnancy other than I gained 100lbs while pregnant. I was finally so sick of being so large and pregnant that 2 days before Ian was born I decided to do something about it. I was working an evening shift at my job and was closing up the building. So, my plan was to purposly break my water (if at all possible, right?!). So I ran up the stairs intsead of taking the elevator and when I got the the top floor I did jumping jacks till I was tired and ran back down the stairs. (It wasn't really a run considering I looked like a bowling ball with legs, arms, and a tiny head, but yeah.) That night when I went to bed I felt like something was trickling, but I wasn't sure. The next morning was a Saturday and we had my In-laws Easter Party to go to. I asked my hubby if we could quickly stop by the hospital first to see if I had broken my water, cause I still felt little trickles. He of course rolled his eyes, asked if I had any contractions, and conceded to my silliness. (I had probably 4 or so times where I thought I'd broken my water or couldn't feel the baby and had gone in, so I was all full of false alarms.:)) My hubby was so good to bear with me through all my craziness. :) Anywho, so we went in and low and behold, I had actually broken my water (whether it be by nature's course of my previous nights athletics we'll really never know). So they admitted me and we made the calls around to family while they preped me for my IV and Pitocen since I wasn't dialated or having any contractions. This happened at about 1:30 in the after noon on Saturday.
    By 3:00 I had my epideral (I'm really bad with pain and was too scared to go natural through any portion of the process), had my IV and Pitocen going and was relaxing completely numb and comfortable in the bed (I guess as relaxed as you can get in a hospital bed). We spent the evening partying (literally!) and watching movies with friends and family. We had tons of people just chilling out in my room. My parents insisted on being there for the whole experience (First child, first grandchild), and so my sisters wanted to be there too.

    (finish of story on next comment)

  7. (Finish)

    At about 11 pm we decided I needed to get some sleep and the nurse checked me. I was dialated to a 4 and only 50% effaced, so the nursed warned me it would be a looooooooonng night. Luckily I didn't feel any of the contractions, not that they were very strong contractions anyways (according the the nurse as she looked at the monitor), so I slept. At about 12:00 am Sunday morning the nurse came in to check me again. (Through all of this my dad and sisters slept in the waiting room and mom stayed with hubby and slept in my room on the couch and chair.) At this time the nurse checked me and I was at a 5. Not moving very fast. She said she'd check again in an hour. Another hour of sleep.
    At 1:00 am she came and checked me and carried this look of shock on her face. She asked if I had felt anything, but I had really just slept really soundly. She then relayed the info and reason for her shock. I had gone from a 5 to a 10 and fully effaced in about an hour and it was almost time to push. She then informed me not to push and that it would be an hour before I could do so (whether this was so they could bring my dr in or other reasons I don't know).
    At 2:00 am the dr came it (absolutely loved this dr) and said it was time to push. My mom and hubby stood at the head of my bead and mom fed me ice chips through the hour long process of pushing. Hubby almost passed out cause of the sites of birth and had to be helped to a chair and given some crackers and juice. I was also on oxygen for fear that I would faint.
    At 3:08 am on Easter Sunday Morning my 9 lbs 1 oz, 21 1/2 inches long little boy was born. They rushed him off for two hours to do some test on his lungs cause he was having difficulty breathing due to Marchonium in his lungs, but came back just perfect.
    I tore and had stiches and was terribly swollen from his large head, and the recovery was definitely the hardest part of the whole process. Nursing was also very hard for Ian and I (and I ended up drying up when he was 3 months old anyways). We stayed in the hospital 2 days, but went home after that, happy and healthy.

    I'll post baby #2 next time.